Google Android 12 Go Edition
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Android 12 Go Edition: Google’s answer to making cheaper phones faster

Google Android 12 Go Edition

Google is one of the world’s biggest technology companies and Android Operating System is widely used by all smartphone manufacturers except for Apple Inc. of course because they have their own iOS to support their iPhones. Having said that, this makes Google’s Android, the most widely used mobile OS in the world.

Now, as and when technology advances, the company releases new Android versions that are even better than the previous versions, making Android smartphones even faster and efficient to use.

Well, according to the company, the Android 12 Go Edition is specifically designed to give a performance boost to older devices and low-cost Android devices. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Android 12 Go will make an old Android smartphone up to 30 percent faster, a 20 percent improvement over the previously released Android 11 Go Edition. The company says that they have majorly focused on giving these smartphones a performance boost and is also working to smooth out animations in the latest version.

In simple words, low-cost Android smartphones will soon give a feel of the latest Android smartphones in terms of animations and performance. Everything that you could do on an Android smartphone can now be done on a cheaper smartphone with significantly improved speeds and performance.

For instance, if you ever need to translate an entire web page, an older Android smartphone would hang and be sluggish in performance, but with the installation of Android 12 Go, it will be a piece of cake.

Other than this, privacy is the second area of focus for Android users. Google is making significant privacy enhancements to the Android 12 Go Edition. Users can now review all permissions active on their Android smartphone and can revoke them as necessary. Google has also added privacy indicators on the status bar that shows the active status of the microphone and camera, adding to the list of amazing features from Google’s Android 12 Go Edition.

As mentioned in an announcement by Google, there are more than 200 million users that are currently using an Android Go Edition device which is crazy to consider when it has been only a few years since the launch of this cheaper service by Google.

Android is improving significantly and giving a head-to-head fight to iOS and Apple’s ecosystem. However, there will always be certain limitations with Android because of its open-source nature, but overall, Android 12 Go Edition is the cheaper way to get a good budget smartphone device.

Android 12 Go Edition will officially arrive on devices next year i.e., 2022.