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Anti-vax dating site that let people advertise ‘mRNA FREE’ semen left all its user data exposed

Source: Daily Dot

An anti-vax dating site allowing its consumers to get hold of mRNA free semen has shoved off the delicate information of all its customers unprotected over the internet.

The webiste called, Unjected, came into existence in the month of May previous year and made assertions that it is the biggest vulnerable platform available online. The website came in buzz for the first time in August last year because of the elimination of its mobile application from the Apple App Store for disrupting the guideline’s concerning Covid-19.

Its interface is quite alike the microblogging website Twitter and is sometimes called the Tinder of the non vaccinated people. The website has stayed unnoticed from the time of its launch. It has been gradually introducing latest technologies for its small-scale users. Recently, Unjected has introduced a proposal which it terms as the mRNA free bood match and fertility directories, giving the facility to the non-vaccinated individuals to donate blood, sperm, or egg among themselves.

A few of the advertisements of this newly launched feature by the website seems to be valid, while , the advertisement like the one proffering up non-vaccinated sperms, seems to be made indifferently. The fertility division on the website permits the customers to proffer their female reproductive cells, male reproductive cells, or breast milk. Apart from this, someone can also propose to be a surrogate.

However, as per a coder and safety investigator GeopJr (as known over the internet), the regulator panel of the website was publicly approachable by everyone. The panel permits the regulators of the website to make changes, include, or make inactive the webpages of the site like the About us division on the website or the customers’ ID.

This was found after the security researcher observed that the web based app infrastructure of Unjected has been kept in rectifying role, permitting anyone access relevant data that anyone having spiteful purpose might misuse.

While examining the website the researcher was able to alter the private mail ID of the account and also it’s login name and display photo. The researcher was also able to make changes on a content posted publicly by altering its words.

Apart from this the backups of the website might also be downloaded or discarded. The anti-vaccinated dating site was put forwarded on the internet once again. The most crucial problem, the subjection of the information of the consumers, has been resolved. Although, a number non-crucial issues still persists.






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