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ApneAreMein – A web directory that serves all your local needs !

An Engineer from NIT Nagpur, Devendra Sarda had worked for a couple of decades in various verticals with a few startups and MNC’s like HCL and MPhasis. Around September 2011, Devendra was looking for some media to advertise  his spouse’s home tuition and all he found was media that charged him for advertising his services across the city. This is when he decided to start ApneAreaMein.


ApneAreMein is a highly area focused web directory.It provides a web directory that lists all services such as Shops, Doctors, Restaurants,Online Menu of Restaurants,Information of Second Hand Sell,Jobs,News & Events,Personalities & Area Maps,Religious places, NGOs, Tourist Places,  Experts Forum for FREE online Guidance, Platform to engage in a Social Cause available in a particular area. It allows people within a certain location to connect with each other to solve their problems. It also acts as a platform for various businesses to advertise locally.

The revenue model is currently two fold:

  • Area Specific multiple options of Web Advertisments.

  • Annual Registration/Subscription of Society Residents (Intra Society Communication Tool)

ApneAreaMein is now available in more than 10 locations in Pune and has data of more than 6000 entities on its list. The company also launched a mobile app 6 months ago. They further plans to evolve into an e commerce model by using the shop network of ApneAreaMein. The company is actively looking for funding !




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