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Apple Card outage reportedly affected millions of Apple users

As per the status page at Apple, the company suffered an outage of Apple Card, which in turn reportedly hampered the ability of its millions of users, to make payments and keep track of transactions, and manage their cards.

Apple Card

Image Credits: Apple

The trouble started close to 6:17 AM PT, and came to a close a little more than 5 hours later, at 12:19 AM PT.

The Importance of the Tech

The technology is at the heart of Apple’s mission to provide comprehensive credit card solutions to its customers, which are brought about entirely by the Wallet app, that’s built into the iOS system. This allows users to make payments through Apple Pay, settle their credit card bills, and see their most recent transactions.

For those unaware about what the Apple Card actually is, it is a smart credit card of sorts, where Apple has incorporated user information directly into its insanely popular iPhone line. The company also claims to have done away with the credit card fees that users often have to pay with any other credit card, and has “built technologies” to help them pay lower interests.




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