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Apple, Drake, and others are facing a $750 million lawsuit over the murders at Astroworld.

Apple, producer Live Nation, and singers Drake and Travis Scott have all been included in a new $ 750 million lawsuit alleging gross negligence caused the injuries and deaths at the Astroworld concert.
When a crowd erupted during Travis Scott’s performance at Astroworld on November 5, 2021, ten people were killed and more than 300 were injured. An advocate for 125 concertgoers has now launched a lawsuit against the event’s organizers, major performers, and Apple, whose Apple Music service streamed the event. Local attorney Tony Buzbee claims gross negligence and demands damages for”the loss of mental and physical health, as well as human life,” according to The Houston Chronicle. In his document, Buzbee claims that”no amount of money can ever make these plaintiffs whole; no amount of money will restore human life.”The amount sought includes enough chastening damages to discipline and make an example of all parties involved in the concert’s streaming, promotion, organization, and failed implementation, as well as to encourage those who engage in such activity to do so with safety at the van, not just as an afterthought.”Buzbee also used Instagram to announce this suit as well as a future one.” Today, we filed suit on behalf of 125 Astroworld concertgoers, including Axel Acosta’s family,” Buzbee wrote.”At the musicale, Axel failed. Many of the plaintiffs in this action had shattered bones, twisted knees, and other orthopedic complications. numerous people have suffered psychological detriment.”
“I anticipate we’ll be filing on behalf of another 100 people very shortly,” he said.” Based on what I know today, I’m confident that every person who attended the performance and was injured will receive just compensation. I am going to make certain of it.”



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