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Apple expecting high demand of iPhone 13; orders 100Mn A15 chips

Apple is expecting a high demand for its upcoming iPhone 13 model, which is all set to be rolled out in the coming months. In this anticipation, it has reportedly placed orders for 100 million A15 chips, by asking its suppliers to boost production by over 25%. This puts the expected production figures at 100 million, up from the 75 million units that had been produced for the iPhone models from last year. The newly ordered chips are to be produced using the enhanced 5nm process by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactiring Co. (TSMC).

The previous version of the chip was the A14 chip which currently powers the latest version of iPad Air, as well as iPhone 12. They were the first to be designed using the 5nm technology, and the upcoming chips will be offering an advancement upon them. They will reportedly feature a robust six-core CPU, comprised of four high-efficiency cores and two high-performance cores. As such, this new line can be expected to be packed with battery life and performance improvements.

And that’s not all, as it is rumored that these chips will also allow the new iPhones to be at least 15-20% more power efficient than their predecessors, even in the face of the supposed inclusion of the Promotion tech into the new product line, to allow for refresh rates higher than 120Hz.

All these rumors seem to be in line with what is actually expected of the much-anticipated iPhone 13, and so, they may turn out to be accurate. For starters, it is now expected that the model will feature a 25W fast charge support, up from the 20W charging speeds on the iPhone 12 series. At the same time, when one compares this upgrade to Android, the new model will most likely reach only up to the mid-range devices.

Nevertheless, the high refresh rate, paired with the A15 chips, could work towards giving future users a pleasant enough experience using the new smartphones. And this may explain why Apple seems confident of seeing a high demand for its iPhone 13.

Apple expecting high demand of iPhone 13 based on iOS 15

Image Credits: Pocket-lint

And of course, one cannot forget the much-anticipated iOS 15 which is all set to be launched with the new series as well. The latest version of the iOS was unveiled during Apple’s developer conference which took place a while ago, and boasts of a major upgrade from the previous iOS 14 version, and its related updates, especially in terms of applications like Wallet, Safari, and Health, among others.



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