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Apple in plans to launch redesigned version of 10th Generation iPads for year
Apple is reportedly planning towards launching the new redesigned version of its new entry level iPads for this year

Apple in plans to launch redesigned version of 10th Generation iPads for year

Apple in plans to launch redesigned version of 10th Generation iPads for year
Image Credits: AppleTrack

After launching its new flagship iPhone for this year which will be the entire iPhone 14 series, Apple is expected to refresh its entire iPad lineup with its latest new 10th generation iPads for this year with many changes in the design.

According to the latest report, it’s been said that this new iPad will be making its way to launch just after a month in October this year by scheduling a separate event. 

Apple will release a revised version of the 10th Generation iPad in October, which will be an entry-level iPad with major design and technical modifications.

Apple 10th Generation iPad to Launch in October 

According to MacRumors, the new iPad range for this year will include a larger 10.5inch screen on the front with a contemporary approach to minimising bezels furthermore compared to its preceding versions.

More such hardware changes are planned for this year’s iPads, which will also sport a USB-C connector and a flat-edged rear camera sensor.

This new iPad which will be on the entry-level side could be coming with a faster A14 Bionic chipset and also will come with the support for 5G onboard too. 

However, the refreshed model for iPad Pro model for this year will be coming with the latest M2 chipset onboard. From the software perspective, it’s been said that lately announced iPadOS 16 will be coming within this new iPad. We also have reports claiming that there can be a few more minor updates for this year’s models.

Will Apple iPad 2022 come to India?

Apple iPad 2022 India Launch

Apple iPad 2022 India Launch
Image Credits: Gadget Surface

Although, there was not much emergence in the Tablet market in India as slowly many smartphone makers started giving their focus on bringing more and more tablets to India.

According to the record, the tablet market in India has increased by 68 percent this year, while 4G tablets have expanded by up to 65 percent (report came from CMR’s Tablet PC Market Report).

According to sources, tablet companies like Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung will launch tablets in the second quarter of 2022, with Lenovo owning a 26 percent stake, Apple holding a 19 percent stake, and Samsung holding a 19 percent stake.

Speaking of Apple, it has been reported that with Apple owning a 19% interest in selling its tablet, the Apple iPad 9 (WiFi) and iPad 9 (WiFI+4G) have a 52 percent and a 10% market share, respectively.

In terms of iPads, it has been reported that the iPad Air 2022 WiFi edition receives an 18% market share stake, while the iPad Air 2020 with WiFi and 5G gets an 8% market share stake. According to reports, Apple iPad shipments have increased by much to 34% in just the second quarter of 2022.



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