Apple iPhone 14 Selling for Rs. 7,000 discount
Apple iPhone 14 Selling for Rs. 7,000 discount Image Credits: Apple Track

Apple iPhone 14 Selling for Rs. 7,000 discount
All-new Apple iPhone 14 selling for a discount worth Rs. 7,000 - Here is how you can buy the phone:

This could be the ideal time for you to purchase a new iPhone if you’re considering upgrading to a new flagship, don’t you think? Well, if you want to upgrade to a new iPhone, you might be able to do so with the newest iPhone 14 series. To give you a brief overview of the smartphone flagship, the iPhone 14 series introduced a number of new, high-end features, including the Emergency SOS feature, a 48MP main camera sensor, an extended battery, and a new chipset, the A16 Bionic for professional models and the improved A15 Bionic for non-pro models.

If you’re interested in getting the newest iPhone, you can get your hands on a new iPhone 14 series for a direct discount of up to Rs. 7,000. What are the details of this offer, then? And are there any significant requirements to receive this discount? No need to worry; we have all the updates you require right here:

Apple iPhone 14 Series selling for a discount worth up to Rs. 7,000

Where then was this offer made public? For the specific group of audience members who reside in and around Maharashtra and other regions of India where Gudi Padwa is celebrated, this offer may be advantageous. To give you a brief overview of the festival, it is observed during the Hindu calendar’s New Year.

The main conditions for the smartphone were those. So where can you purchase this new phone now? You can now purchase this phone from the official Unicorn Store in Maple, one of the biggest and most recent Apple retailers that are taking the initiative to offer fantastic discounts and cashback offers on Apple products.

Here are all the details if you’re wondering what the discounted price is. The Apple iPhone 14 series will have a direct price reduction of 13 percent on the occasion of the festival, bringing the price from Rs. 79,000 to just Rs. 69,513. The offer is not just for this, though! However, if you also recently opened an account with HDFC Bank and have an HDFC credit card, you will be eligible for an additional discount worth Rs. 4,000. This had to do with the deals that the physical stores offered.

Along with the discount deals, Mapple is also launching a premium exchange program through which you can exchange an older device and receive additional discounts as part of the March2MAple Campaign.

Promotions from Online Retailers

If you are considering purchasing the new iPhone 14 series online, you can do so through online e-commerce sites where online Apple resellers are providing a straight discount of up to 5%, bringing the cost of the Pro models, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max, down to just Rs. 1,32,905 for the 128GB model.