How to move slack’s Archive to discord

THE FREE Rendition OF Slack is restricted to only three months of messages, yet Strife doesn’t have that cutoff. Stunningly better, you can move your Leeway messages in general — including those more seasoned than 90 days — over to Conflict.

Chat Services Compared: Discord vs. Slack
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Slack is perfect for organizations, yet less so for gatherings of companions and online networks. That is because admittance to messages more seasoned than 90 days, and a wide range of different elements, are just accessible if you pay $7.25 per client each month, which adds up rapidly on the off chance that you simply need a discussion channel for your companions. I composed last year about how to get Slack’s best highlights free of charge, the finish of which was fundamentally “use Disagreement all things being equal.” That is because Friction’s free rendition offers practically each of the elements Slack puts behind a paywall.
Assuming that you have a long history of messages in Slack and need to take that set of experiences with you, this is the way. The cycle is a little janky and works best on the off chance that you have a Windows PC, yet it works. To sum up: You want to download your Leeway document, set up a Friction bot, then, at that point, get the Dissension bot to snatch and duplicate all posts from a channel. We should bounce in.

Send out Your Leeway File

First, you should trade your Leeway document. To do this, you should be an administrator for the Leeway you need to trade. In Slack, click the name of your Leeway in the upper left corner, float over Settings and organization, then click Working environment settings. This will open the Settings and Authorizations page in your program, where you will see an Import/Commodity Information button.
Click that, then, at that point, click the Commodity tab. Select the date range you need to download, and click Start Product. The commodity cycle could take anyplace from a couple of moments to two or three hours, contingent upon how huge your Leeway document is. You will get a Slackbot DM when it’s finished, however, so don’t feel like you want to leave the window open. At the point when it’s prepared, the chronicle will be a Compress document, which you ought to unarchive.

Construct a Bot

Presently it is the ideal time to set up Slackord2. This free application can interface with a Strife bot, parse the documents we recently downloaded, and glue them into any Disunity channel. There are guidelines on the GitHub page that I battled through-what follows in my endeavor to work on things. I’m involving the Windows adaptation for this instructional exercise; it likewise works for Linux and macOS assuming that you’re willing to utilize the order line.
Before you open it, however, you’ll have to set up a Strife but — here’s a connection to begin. Click New Application, naming it anything you desire. Then, click the URL Generator button under OAuth2 in the left sidebar. Under Degree click Bot. The Bot authorizations field will appear after you do this; click Head there. Then, look down and duplicate the Produced URL at the lower part of the screen — you’ll require it later.
Presently head to the Bot segment in the sidebar. Give the bot a custom username and symbol, on the off chance that you need them, unveil sure that Bot and Requires OAuth2 Code Award are both switched off and that “Message content aim” is turned on. You will be inquired as to whether you need to save your progressions — click Save. Presently look to the highest point of the page and snap the Reset Symbolic button. Duplicate the token.
At last, go to the URL you duplicated before. You will be asked which Strife server you need to add the bot to — pick the server you plan to relocate Slack presents over on.

Relocate Your Leeway Document

Presently you can open Slackord2 on your PC. You will be requested your Bot Token — glue it. In the case of everything’s working, you ought to be informed that “Bot association is currently empowered,” but don’t as yet associate.
Rather click Record > Import JSON Organizer. Peruse the Leeway chronicle you downloaded before and open the organizer for the channel you need to move. The parsing system might take some time, contingent upon how enormous the file is. On the off chance that everything is working accurately, you ought to see old messages looking before your eyes. While it’s parsing, go to Conflict and make another text channel with a similar name.
While parsing is finished on Slackord, click Settings > Bot Association > Interface. This will interface — you can let its functioning know if the bot you made is displayed as online in Dissension. Presently you can type “/slackord” in the Conflict channel you need to import your channel’s chronicles. Assuming everything is set up accurately, the messages will gradually begin to appear.
Rehash this cycle — making a clear channel, opening the JSON organizer, and running/slackord — for each channel, you need to relocate. It will take some time, in all actuality, and the outcomes are flawed. Posts are all in plaintext, and you won’t see the symbol close to them. In any case, it’s an accessible file of all your old Leeway posts. Presently you simply have to tell your companions that now is the right time to switch.