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Apple iPod Touch officially discontinued after 20 years!
After 20 years, Apple has finally retired the iPod Touch!

Apple iPod Touch officially discontinued after 20 years!

Apple iPod Touch officially discontinued after 20 years!
Image Credits: iRobinPro

Back when we all were in our teenage times, the one thing that possessed me was the desire to buy an iPod, and many would agree on how vital and wonderful it felt to own one. Many of us were unable to obtain one, and many other people regret, that Apple recently officially discontinued the remaining existing iPod touch model. This basically ended the 20-year-old iPod period as well.

Apple will no longer manufacture iPods!

Apple will no longer manufacture iPods!

Apple will no longer manufacture iPods!
Image Credits: Marques Brownlee

Apple announced the news in an official blog post, underlining that there is no need for concern. The business goes on to explain that the iPod features have been securely integrated into various Apple devices ranging from an iPhone to a HomePod mini.

As a result, it persuades them to consider those possibilities right now. This is just another hint that we may not need a specialized gadget to listen to music, given that an iPhone or even an Android phone suffices.

Greg Joswiak, Macintosh’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, stated,

“The essence of the iPod lives on today. We’ve built an incredible music experience into all of our products, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch to the smaller-than-normal HomePod, as well as the Mac, iPad, and Apple TV. Furthermore, Apple Music delivers industry-leading sound quality with support for spatial sound – there may be no better way to enjoy, discover, and hear music.”

To review, the iPod contact, which was delivered in 2019, was the last model in the iPod arrangement. On October 23, 2001, roughly a long time back, the first iPod was delivered.

The iPod smaller than usual appeared in 2004, trailed by the iPod nano (second Gen) in 2006, the primary iPod Touch in 2007, the iPod nano (seventh Gen) in 2012, and the iPod mix (fourth Gen) in 2015, and the now-stopped iPod contact.

Pricing for Apple iPod Touch

Yet, this isn’t totally awful information. Mac is as yet selling the iPod contact through its retail shops and approved affiliates until provisions run out. The 32GB model expenses $199, the 128GB model expenses $299, and the 256GB model expenses $399. Along these lines, if you need to have one final iPod experience or at long last understand your craving of having one for nostalgic reasons, you might make the buy.

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