Apple Launches New Privacy Portal, Allows Users To See Their Data Collected By Apple


18 October 2018, India:

Apple has launched a new privacy portal. The new privacy portal allows users to see what personal data the company has collected on them.

Users can login in the portal and search for their data. The search function returns the user data collected by Apple which might include photos, calendar entries, website bookmarks, reminders, App Store purchases, documents.

Users can view the information, and also delete the information. Users can also pause their Apple account from the portal.

After the launch of the new privacy portal, the procedure to get information about their data collected by the company. has become more convienient.

Earlier users had to visit the Apple’s privacy website and had to request tab (which was hard to locate) the information. Then the user had to wait for the information. The procedure (of visiting the site and finding the request tab) was lengthy. Now with the launch of new privacy portal finding the tools have become easy.

On many occasions, Apple has presented themselves as a different type of company which don’t want to use their customers data as products.

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