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Apple ‘One More Thing’ event scheduled for 10th Nov

Apple surely hasn’t been doing any creativity in term of its event names. After the ‘Time flies’ event and the ‘iPhone 12 event’ now the Apple ‘one more thing’ event is here. The official poster of the event is out and is scheduled for 10th November. This is the first time that Apple is going to announce its ARM-based Macs running on Apple’s powerful silicon chipsets. So, we can now officially say that the transition for intel macs to ARM-based Macs for Apple begins on 10th Nov 2020.

More about Apple ‘One More Thing’ event

The phrase ‘One More Thing’ has been used by Apple for quite some time now. Time to Time the company has made major product announcements using the phrase. They even announced the first notch device, iPhone X using the phrase. Apple announced its plan to transition to ARM laptops in WWDC, 2020. They also said that their 1st laptops would be released by the end of 2020. Another speculated release in the event might be the launch of the macOS 11 Big Sur that was also announced in WWDC.

Why is Apple transitioning to ARM?

Providing quality hardware and experience is what Apple always look forward too. It always tries to set standards in the tech industry, be it for smartphones or for its laptops. And now by changing to the ARM-based laptops, the company is bringing another revolution. Apple believes that by using their own chips then can provide a faster and better experience to users.

Apple 'One More Thing'

Image Source: TechQuila

It will also result in better battery efficiency and software integration or in Apple’s terms “seamless integration of hardware and software”. Apple also plans to slowly move away completely from intel chips as it did in 2006 from the power pc platform. The company has always looked forward to providing the best hardware and doesn’t hesitate to make big changes because of the same.

What will this mean for users?

Image Source: TechRadar

For users, the transition to Apple’s own chipsets on Mac might be a tricky thing. It might mean better battery life, software and support for iOS apps. This might also mean comparatively lesser actual performance. As for the price, Apple is going to save the processor cost because now it will be made in-house. But going by Apple’s track record, it’s highly unlikely that the total savings or even a part of it will be passed down to consumers.

How long do you think will Apple take to make the complete transition to ARM? And will you be more inclined towards getting an Intel-based laptop or an ARM-based one? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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