Sections Of Apple Employees Express Reluctance Working From Office
Sections Of Apple Employees Express Reluctance Working From Office

Apple settles Lawsuit Regarding Copycat apps on App Store

According to the reports provided by TechCrunch, Apple has settled its lawsuit with an app developer who accused the Apple app store of being a fraud. Go through the entire article to learn more about this piece of news.

The App Developer

Recent reports suggest that the app developer who filed the case against apple app sore is an ex-Pinterest engineer named Kosta Eleftheriou. He claimed that the apple store had not accepted his app and it later became a target for scammers due to which Kosta lost a lot of money.

Allegations against Apple

The allegations against this globally popular firm were that the store had rejected Kosta’s keyboard app for the apple watch whereas it has accepted the keyboard app from various other competitors that were very similar to Kosta’s keyboard app. The company was also accused of being a hypocrite in the lawsuit said it said that The keyboard app designed by Kosta had a “poor user experience,” whereas the company’s app review team was allowing the “same technology when integrated into other apps like Nano, Reddit, Chirp for Twitter, WatchChat for WhatsApp and Lens for Instagram,” the lawsuit added. When Kosta’s keyboard finally got approved, it became a target for scammers who introduced rival apps on the store. These apps were not used by many people but they gained popularity because of fake reviews and ratings which is why the Flicktype keyboard lost a lot of money. Apple has let down a lot of people by letting scammers take advantage of the apps and make money. Recent reports suggest that apple store needs to work on itself as when developers face such issues, they have no choice other than posting on twitter or other social media apps to voice their concerns. The affected developer stills makes an efforts to find scam apps. “Just the other day, I re-ran my scam-finding tool and was able to find several new scam apps within five minutes, and this clearly affects users and developers alike,” he noted.

About Apple

Apple is one of the most popular companies in the electronics world. It is considered to be one of the most popular brands in the mobile industry. Currently headed by Tim Cook, this company comes in the top 5 list of American information technology firms. This company continues to have massive financial success. Even though the products sold by this company are a little costly, customers are crazy about them because of their excellent features. According to various reports, Apple has been ranked among the most valuable companies.