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Apple shows concern over AirTags
Various reports of inappropriate tracking were reported

AirTags by Apple
Source: Wired

Various women in the United States, are reporting that they are being tracked through AirTags. These AirTags are location devices launched by Apple in April 2021. They are about the size of standard buttons and is marketed as tags keeping track of essentials. They are sold for $29 a piece, and a set of four for $99.

The incidents that took place:

One of the incidents reported were by Brooklyn resident Sam. An AirTag device was seemingly tracking her from the previous morning. The continuous tracking was alarmingly accurate enough to include a map and a line tracing her exact positions.

She followed the steps recommended by her friend to change her clothes and leave her flat. However, she still witnessed the same red line tracing her movements accurately. She tried to follow the sound prompts through her phone to track the two AirTags but was unable to do so. As she got rid of her wallet phone case, she noticed that the suspicious man in her building who was supposedly tracking her, had disappeared.

Other women, across the country, were seen to be reporting identical incidents. These happenings owe to the fact that AirTags can practically be hidden anywhere, such as cars and personal items. Women from New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Oregon have reported AirTags tracking them through a device lodged to their personal belongings or cars.

How Apple and critics responded:

It is noteworthy that Apple uses a powerful Bluetooth network in the AirTags to function its ‘Find My’ feature. They have been working towards launching safety updates to address the complaints regarding tracking. The Washington Post published a story narrating how AirTag made one frightening easy to ‘stalk’ in a test.

Apple claims to take the safety of customers very seriously, particular their privacy. They assure the presence of a feature that alerts customers when an unknown AirTag is tracking them. In fact, they have even introduced an app for Android users to get alerted if they are being tracked.

Apple also encourages users to contact and report to law enforcement organisations in case they find themselves in danger. Apple would be required to work with them and disclose any information deemed necessary.

Advantages of the AirTag:

On the other hand, many have also come up with stories of how the AirTag have aided them in recent happenings. A child was reportedly found with the help of its tracking feature who had medical condition. They also as a virtual ‘lost and found’ for personal items such as keys being misplaced.

AirTags also has the feature to make a peculiar noise when separated from its owner. It is enabled to take place randomly in order to detect the presence of bad actors. Users can also user their iPhone to make their AirTag chirp inn order to find it quickly.


Owing to the complains of customers, Apple promises to introduce updates that would comply with safety measures of citizens. A message system would be introduced which would make sure that the AirTag would be used for tracking personal belongings only.