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Apple takes down social app, “Unjected” for violating misinformation policies

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Source: 9to5Mac

Apple Inc. as a majority of us already know is an American multinational technology giant that is known to specialize in consumer electronics, online services, and computer software tools.  As of January 2021, Apple is known to be the biggest technology company in terms of revenue across the globe and also to be the world’s most valuable company.

According to recent reports, Unjected – a fairly new social app with nearly just 18,000 downloads, designed as a community for the unvaccinated is being taken down by Apple from its App Store for violation of its policies regarding the misleading information being spread over Covid-19 vaccines.

Unjected is a community-based platform that supports medical autonomy and free speech. It is made for like-minded people and works similar to an online dating platform. Unjected encourages users to get vaccinated and as Bloomberg notes, it has sometimes been called “Tinder for anti-vaxxers”.

Following the reports, the founders of the accused app are also facing criticism over their Android application as Google issued specific guidelines to the company asking to remove the deceiving posts and misinformation from its feed in order to avoid a Play Store ban, giving a two weeks’ notice for the same. Responding to this, the developers pulled the social feed from their app. However, it is being said that co-creator of the application, Shelby Thompson announced that ‘Unjected’ is planning to disregard the request made and recover the feed along with the offending posts.

In addition to this, Google has flagged posts from the platform with alleged claims of COVID-19 vaccines serving as bio-weapons, altering genes, and some information about all of this being connected to 5G internet.

Noted in one of the reports, Thompson said, “We’re not trying to be harmful to society, instead, we just want to exercise our freedom of choice.”

Following the activity, Apple has officially removed ‘Unjected’ from its App Store saying that it is essential for apps to provide reliable healthcare information that has recognized sources including educational institutions, government establishments, and more.

The seriousness of the situation has made technology giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, more responsible to progressively check on apps that came out to be alternatives to the conventional social platforms. It has come to light that the monitoring system of the Big tech needs to be more robust & it has been made pretty clear by Apple that Unjected is not coming back until it complies with the company policies.