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Apple terminates employment for #AppleToo movement leader



Apple Inc. is one company that gets back at you for destroying the company’s peace, period. This was the statement! It is true and controversial on several levels.

The iPhone maker has recently suspended employment for Janneke Parrish, the leader of the #AppleToo movement amid the ongoing patterns of leaks in the worker organization, as mentioned in a report by The Verge.

According to reports, Parrish was the program manager on Apple Maps and was fired from his job with Apple for allegedly deleting files off from her official devices during an internal investigation. This action is against the company’s norms, in fact, any company’s norms and is punishable at all given costs. Apple considers this action as ‘non-compliance and thus, resulted in the termination of the employee’s employment with Apple Inc.

Why would an employee delete files from his/her work devices during an internal audit? Something does sound small fishy, right

Well, it is not the first time that Apple has fired an employee for breaking the norms and at this point, it is more than normal.

However, Janneke Parrish’s termination of employment raised some questions about her involvement in the #AppleToo movement, and there are many out there who are linking the two events and calling it Apple’s time for revenge for disrupting the company’s peace at one point in time. Really?

Nevertheless, it is the second time in one month that Apple has terminated an employee who has been actively speaking about the company’s work culture. Back in September, the iPhone maker fired Ashley Gjovik for allegedly leaking confidential information and was then filed with multiple charges related to how Apple has been treating its employees.

Parrish’s termination of employment involved deleting apps like Robinhood, Google Drive and Pokemon GO ahead of an internal investigation which is something that Apple does not allow at all costs. What is there to hide when you have done nothing wrong, right?

As reported by The Verge, Parrish declined to comment on her story but her attorney, Vincent P. White of White, Hilferty and Albanese exclusively mentioned to The Verge confirming her termination of employment with Apple and that she cannot speak further to address the situation at the moment.

The question prevails, was this termination, at all, related to the #AppleToo movement or is it the story of the past now? Is Apple taking its revenge or is this termination only as per her act of data deletion during an internal investigation?

There are a lot of questions that we don’t have answers to, at the moment. Stay tuned for the updates on this story.



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