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How to Customize the Apple Watch Faces
A step by step guide

The art of personalization

There’s something about customizing which makes the product more personal and unique. Not only is the personalized product more unique, but according to Content Stack, the appeal of the product increases up to 80% when users have to option to personalize it. Hence, keeping in mind the benefits of personalization for user experience, the tech giants, Apple, have introduced customizable faces in their Apple Watch.

The watch of the future – Apple watch

Apple watches gives you the option to not only alter the looks based on your preference but also gives a choice to change the functions based on your requirement. Adjust colors, select the design and modify features, then store them in your collection. You can switch to different looks based on the occasion or maybe try a new look.

The easiest way to see all the available watch faces is through the Face Gallery. You can customize them and then add them to your saved collections. Moreover, you can also customize the faces directly on your watch.

Follow the steps to know how to –

Choosing a different apple watch faces

Apple watch

  • Swipe on the screen to view the various faces available in your collection.
  • To see all the available options, select and hold the watch face you like and then tap it.

Adding special features

Apple watches gives you an edge over the others by giving you the option to include special features called complications. These features allow you to directly check the weather report, stock prices, or other information you require in your day-to-day life.

  1. Touch and hold the display of the watch face and then tap “Edit.”
  2. Swipe left to go to the last screen. This is where the complications are shown.
  3. Select the complication based on your need. Once you have selected it, turn the Digital Crown to choose the new feature.
  4.  When you have finalized it, press the digital crown to save the changes.

Saving the watch face to your collection

New watch face screen, with a plus button in the middle. Tap to add a new watch face.

Once you are done with the modification, now is the time to add them to your collection.
You can also have multiple varieties of the identical design.

  1. Touch and hold the display of the watch face.
  2. Swipe left to go to the end, where you will notice a + symbol.
  3. You can browse through your personalized collection by turning the Digital Crown and then tapping on the one you want to add.

After you add it, you can customize it further if needed.

That concludes the tutorial on how you can personalize your Apple Watch face and enjoy its features.

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