Russian Regulator Demand Explanation From Apple After Removal Of Russian Backed Apps From iOS
Russian Regulator Demand Explanation From Apple After Removal Of Russian Backed Apps From iOS

Apple’s Virtual Reality XR Headset Might Have Face ID Like Tech Which Will Enable People to Make Payments With Eyes

According to recent reports, Apple’s virtual reality XR headset might have face ID which will enable people to make payments with their eyes. Read the entire article to learn about these new features that Apple is planning to introduce in its new headset.

About the headset

The technology that Apple is using in its new headset is called ‘Iris ID’ and it will help people make payments biometrically. This is quite a fascinating feature and it will give the company’s headset an edge over the others. Various reports suggest that the headset has 10 cameras along with an M2 chip which has also been used in the MacBook Air. These reports have come via Mashable and also state that the headset is going to have an eye-tracking experience so that the users can experience advanced virtual reality.

Apple’s current status

Apple has recently launched its iPhone 14 series. It has some amazing features but the iPhone has received mixed reviews. As per the reports, Eve Jobs has criticized the new iPhone series by posting a meme on social media. Many people believe that Apple has lost its touch since the death of Steve Jobs, who is the co-founder of Apple.

About Apple

Apple is one of the leading companies in information technology and comes among the top 5 American multinational information technology companies. It is currently being headed by Tim Cook. The company aims to give people an edge over others with the help of its products. They design products in such a manner that people can get any work done with ease and perfection. Apple tries to introduce new features with each of its products which is what sets it apart from other companies. Its products are a little expensive but are extremely popular because of what the company offers in each of its products. The excellent features of Apple products set them class apart from the rest and make them a favorite among people all around the world.

About Tim Cook

Tim Cook is currently heading Apple. He is an extremely talented and skilled individual and he was mentioned in the Times List of 100 most influential people. He has seen Apple through its ups and downs, and his leadership has been good for the company as it is on the path to success. “The intense pressure of setting and executing Apple’s progression with deep precision, and of taking responsibility for the company’s effects on society, is almost unimaginable,” Laurene Powell Jobs wrote. “Yet Tim does it with compassion and discipline, turning to nature to replenish his spirit.”

Apple Mixed Reality Headset already tipped by CEO Tim Cook for the first time
Tim Cook
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