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Geloise Hope pedal-assist Electric Scooter for Delivery Fleets
The electric scooter is now available in India for B2B customers

The Geloise Hope electric scooter doesn’t just run with electric power, but also by pedaling. The driver can shift to pedal-based driving or electric-based, depending on the load they carry.

Geloise Hope Electric Scooter

Credits- Rushlane


The pedal assist can run on a fully charged battery for 40km or 70km, depending on the model. The cost of using the scooter is expected to be only 20 Paise per kilometer. For ease of usage, the company will also provide road assistance, where the battery can be changed when the scooter runs out of battery.

It runs on a 250 Watt hub-mounted electric motor, changing the battery capacity, can give you two options either to use 40km or 70 km.

The speed of the scooter is 25km per hour. The speed is low enough, that the driver wouldn’t need a driving license to drive. This could increase the job availability for many delivery bike drivers, without having to worry about rules.

The charging time is four hours. The scooter is created with advanced IoT-based systems, where the battery management is well maintained. The data monitoring system enables the drivers to know when they need to charge their bike and how long the existing power will last.

The scooter is specially designed to suit delivery fleets, as thousands of bikes all over the country are used because of different delivery-to-home applications. This could reduce costs, as well as the carbon footprint in the country.

Cost-effective or not?

The electric scooter costs around Rs. 47,000/- but the price may vary as there are two ranges available. The charging can be done through a normal socket, and the user needs to worry about going to a separate charging station. In addition to the available features, the vehicle also enables easy reversible mode.

Overall, the scooter can carry various loads, used roughly as the design is basic. Also, it is cost-effective in terms of fuel and maintenance. Furthermore, an average scooter in India with similar specifications would cost around Rs.60,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. The fuel-based scooters do not have advanced IoT systems. In every possible way, the electric scooter is beneficial.

However, speed is a concern in metropolitan cities. Though the bike can be used roughly, with such low speed, not every delivery person could save time and deliver more in less time. For shorter distances, the bike is ideal, for longer it is cost-effective, but not time-effective.

In general, the delivery bikes are within a 10km range from the delivery, this could work without peak hours in crowded cities.



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