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Ark 2 Confirmed For Xbox Showcase

While not much has been known about Ark 2 in the year-and-a-half since it was originally announced, the Xbox Series X exclusive has now been confirmed that it will appear at the Xbox showcase alongside Bethesda games on Sunday. Thanks to ARKs French Twitter, we now know that Ark 2 will appear at Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, featuring exclusive content throughout the 12th of June, 2022 show. While Microsoft has been pretty quiet on what games are expected to show at the Xbox and Bethesda 2022 Showcase, we know that ARK 2 is going to be one of them.Ark 2 Regarding Ark 2 being an Xbox Series X|S console exclusive, fans are hoping they will get a glimpse of the new trailer for Ark at Xbox to reveal event. This may indicate we will be seeing more from Ark 2s lead actor, Vin Diesel, on PC. It is finally time for Summer Game Fest, and already, there are plenty of leaks about the show is presented with one suggesting Ark 2 may make its way into the Xbox showcase this Sunday, seemingly giving hints of a possible release date drop.

ARK 2 is set to launch this year for PC and Xbox Series X|S only, while it will make an appearance on PlayStation and Nintendo (rumored) at a later date. There is no confirmation of what Ark 2 will be shown at the reveal, however, a lot of fans are looking forward to getting their first glimpse at the sequel’s gameplay.

Xbox Games Showcase Extended, a second Xbox gaming event is set to be held on June 14 and will have a Livestream starting at 10 am Pacific. Now, the likelihood of the Xbox showcase has increased further, with Studio Wildcard setting a Sunday release date for the upcoming Ark Survival Evolved expansion. Ahead of an Xbox showcase with Bethesda games, Ark’s official French Twitter account said (as translated by Google) See you June 12th for exclusive ARK 2 content, which confirmed that the survival game would appear in the upcoming showcase.

Rumors are swirling around the internet that one of the new games set to be announced during Xbox and Bethesda’s upcoming showcase on June 12th will be Ark 2. The sequel, which is set to come out on the Xbox console first, ARK, the Ark, is getting exclusive ARK 2 content during Microsoft’s event, which may showcase lots of gameplay of the title in the future, as shared by the ARK France Twitter account. We may also hear more about the ARK: The Animated Series which was also set to release this year.

This is also apparently because a new free game expansion for the original game has also been scheduled to take place on Sunday, which a lot of players within the community seem to be thinking suggests an Ark reveal of some kind is going to happen at the Showcase event.