How To Play Beat Shazam At Home
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How To Play Beat Shazam At Home (June 2022 Update)

Season five of the hit music-based game show Beat Shazam returns for another addictive installment on Monday, May 30, 2022, at 9 PM Eastern. The new season premieres on Monday and it is already established itself as one of the most-watched game shows by fans.

How To Play Beat Shazam At Home
Credit @ beatshazamfox/Instagram

During every brand-new episode, viewers will get a chance to compete for cash prizes. BEAT SHAZAM was created by Geoff Apploff and Wes Kubler and is produced by Apploff Entertainment and MGM Television, with a partnership with Shazam. During each all-new episode, viewers can compete to win a cash prize by answering which song is currently playing. So how to play Beat Shazam at home?

The popular show returns with a few format changes compared to the past seasons, but it is essentially the same concept: Teams compete to defeat one another, and move on to see if they can defeat music app Shazam at identifying a song as it plays. Beat Shazam features three teams of two that race against one another over the course of a total of four rounds (five in Season 1), with each of those rounds, either needing them to recognize songs or deposit money to another team.

Anyone wondering how to play Beat Shazam at home, Jamie Foxx has created a tutorial showing how. The only thing you need is a smartphone with the Shazam app downloaded. when the show airs at 9, place the phone closer to the TV just for it to hear Beat Shazam, once it does a new popup will open with a button saying ‘Play game’.

How To Play Beat Shazam At Home
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Now that we are allowed to play with Shazam for ourselves, a lot of us are wondering whether or not anybody has ever beat it, considering how hard it is to consistently pull off. While we cannot compete to win a real $1 million jackpot, it is still fun to watch and pretend we are contestants in a game show in the comfort of our own homes.

Considering that the show is always showing new contestants competing for prize money, and Fox’s charm, a bunch of blaring songs, and tempting prizes. Hello everyone, So what is a shazam app for the Beats So basically, Beat Shazam is another not-so-new, but really famous show on Fox TV, where you could win $10,000, as long as you name a song quickly.

In the United States, Beat Shazam Season 5 is broadcast by Fox Network, which means that you can watch and play while using Fox online through multiple live TV and streaming platforms, like Hulu+ Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and others. The best part is you will be able to stream episodes of the show online effortlessly, even while traveling.

Fox announced Beat Shazam Season 5 will have several special episodes paying tribute to many people who were heroes in our lives. In the past seasons of Beat Shazam, guests include Terrance Howard, Odell Beckham, MC Hammer, Tony Gonzalez, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carey, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Bell Biv DeVoe, TLC, Ginuwine, Michael Bolton, and many others.