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AT&T Will Offer 6 Months Of Google Stadia Cloud Gaming To Its 5G And Fiber Customers

AT&T Will Offer 6 Months Of Google Stadia Cloud Gaming To Its 5G And Fiber Customers

Google Stadia

To support Google Stadia, AT&T is offering six months of Stadia Pro free to select customers who want to improve their networks. The company will offer customers a 5G mobile tariff and fiber-optic internet free access to Stadias Pro for six months.

This morning AT&T announced that they were partnering with Google to distribute a six-month Stadia trial to new and existing customers of cellular and fiber. AT&T is working with Google Play to provide both wireless and fiber-optic customers with Stadia Pro and 5G. This comes at a good time as we reported earlier today that Stadia will support Android TV devices later this month. 

Google Stadia is a streaming service for video games from Google designed to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation.

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Stadia is a cloud gaming service that runs high-end games on low-end hardware such as mobile phones, consoles, and PCs. On Stadia you can buy the latest games including Cyberpunk 2077, FIFA 21, Resident Evil Village, Madden NFL 21, etc. Users can take advantage of this offer because it is an opportunity to purchase the Stadia Pro Edition for $20 for a limited period of 6 months with other benefits and discounted prices.

STADIA Pro in the US combines an extensive gaming library of over 170 titles with our reliable and secure AT&T 5G fiber network. 

As part of our collaboration with Stadia Pro, They are exploring ways to improve our 5G and fiber networks to support innovation and improve the gaming experience for the future. The flexibility of playing on AT&T Fiber lets you play with confidence at home, while AT&T’s 5G offers a high-quality on-the-go experience. With the A &T network powering your 6-month access to Stadia PRO, you’ll have less time to skip delays and freezes to reach the game’s full potential. 

Google Stadia

The US mobile industry is switching to 5G technology in the sub-6GHz band (mmWave). 

Compatible plans include current options such as Unlimited Starter, Extra, and Elite, as well as legacy Unlimited, plans such as Unlimited Choice, Unlimited Choice II, Unlimited, Enhanced Choice, Unlimited, Unlimited +, Unlimited Enhanced, Unlimited +, Unlimited +, Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited and more Premium.

Compared to this offer, Luna is cheaper than the monthly Stadia Pro, but its library is weaker than Stadia Pros. This seems to be because most of the best games are included in Ubisoft’s subscription, and we’re talking about $20 a month to play whatever you want to play.