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Autoportal : The upcoming e-car destination


Cars, in today’s world, are an integral part of our daily life. And planning to own one brings its own plethora of queries and confusion. Autoportal.com is one such place which aims to solve all these issues which tag along with your plans to buy your own esteemed vehicle at a micro level.

Autoportal was originally started by a bunch of auto aficionados and petrolheads in Ukraine and went by the domain name of autoportal.ua. The site is a one-stop shop for buying and selling of all auto-related products providing a platform for the manufacturers to sell new cars and at the same time providing a platform for the existing car owners who wish to sell their vehicle. After having a huge success in Ukraine, Anton Rublevskyy, one of the founders of Autoportal, decided to expand into other emerging markets. India, having a huge potential considering its growing economy, became the first global hub for Autoportal.


While having a base of over 300 million internet users, India lacked a well organized medium to get accurate and first hand information for any auto-related news. In other words, it lacked fierce competition. All the potential competitors operated mostly at a local level. All of these factors together provided ample opportunity. But, unlike the US, Indian market was not psychologically ready for classifieds to go online back in 2009. Even today, most car transactions are carried out offline. This market perspective is already set on the path to change. Autoportal has risen to the challenge and initiated its business in India in November 2013.

As Autoportal’s Business Head puts it – “The problems that we are trying to solve in India would provide us a deeper understanding and help us create a framework that we may be able to replicate in other countries with the help of potential partners”; it was successfully able to create its own space in the Indian market and have its share of fame. It aims to sell cars as fast as possible with a no-haggle approach and connect buyers and sellers at a country level while providing a complete report of the car, real time valuation, etc. Having technology and product teams in India and Ukraine helps it to achieve its goal. It has eased the buying and selling of both new and used cars for the customers in India. The site features a huge database of cars with a variety of range. It provides accurate overviews about the cars so that any customer can make an informed decision whether a car fits his need or not. The video reviews and the comparative analysis further aid the customer. Buying and selling is just a part of what Autoportal does. A section dedicated to keep up with the most recent happenings in and around the automotive world is appreciated by any auto enthusiast. It covers over a thousand articles for anyone to read and provides up-to-date information about the auto industry helping one to know what to expect in the coming months so that one can plan well in advance regarding any purchase.

The website currently receives over a three million hits per month which in itself speaks of its success with its customers and the auto enthusiasts. With the expectation of the growth of the auto industry in the coming years, it would not be unwise to place similar hopes with Autoportal.



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