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Baby Doge has become Twitter’s center of attraction yet again.

It is a known fact that Twitter has the tendency to dance to the rather flippant rhythms of cryptocurrency. Sometimes merry, and sometimes not so merry, the beats do manage to attract the attention of the Twitter town. Not a day goes by when Twitterati doesn’t talk about crypto and its ups and downs, literally. And today the topic of discussion is Baby Doge and those familiar with the crypto trends on Twitter will be well aware that this is not the first time that Baby Doge has attracted the spotlight. And today Baby Doge is in celebration mode as it has successfully gained one million holders. Now that is indeed a number to show off. And we all know what showing off means on Twitter. Yes, Baby Doge is indeed ruling the trending list on Twitter, and reactions and responses are pouring in.

Baby Doge

Humble Beginnings

Crypto is a rapidly progressing field that is thought to have great potential for the future. Although agreements and disagreements exist, the popularity of crypto cannot be denied. Baby Doge is the brainchild of the Doge meme online community. The label of “Doge” itself is a great plus one given the immense popularity and influence of the cryptocurrency. Add to it the better speed of transactions, and undeniably the adorableness. And it seems like the crypto community is beginning to adore this meme coin. The one million holders attest to this fact. A great characteristic of Baby Doge which is its major highlight is the fact that it is hyper-deflationary. The fact that every transaction means more Baby Doge added to the holder’s wallet is indeed striking and something that cannot be totally overlooked. And definitely, the social media hype has smoothened the crypto’s journey to success. However, a word of caution. As adorable and cute as Baby Doge seems, let’s not forget the basic characteristic of every cryptocurrency out there, namely volatility. Hence, it will be quite prudent to exercise prudence while investing in any. You never know when the graph is going to take a deep dive, and along with it your heart.

Responses On Twitter

As Baby Doge once again grabs the Twitter spotlight, reactions and responses have been pouring in from all sides. And quite naturally, these responses reflect quite a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. Let us flip through a few of the reactions and responses on Twitter that rocketed Baby Doge to the trending list.




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