Tesla installing SpaceX Starlink on Superchargers in the US

In October Elon Musk replied to a tweet, saying that Tesla would be installing SpaceX Starlink to its Superchargers. It means Tesla will be providing free wifi for Tesla users during their charging time. Recently as access to wifi has become important in many stores and other public locations, Tesla also adds this feature to its services.

Tesla begins installing Starlink satellite dishes at Superchargers [Update]  - Drive Tesla
Image credits- Drive Tesla Canada
Tesla started installing Starlink dishes in many locations in the US. Superchargers are located on major transport routes. They are also available near various establishments like restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, or other WiFi hotspots. It will ensure that users can make use of the feature effectively in these destinations. While customers have their coffee or are just waiting for the vehicle to be fully charged, using WiFi means a better user experience.  It is considered mandatory in many locations. While some Superchargers already have WiFi access, others do not have the feature. Tesla seems to be working on improving its charging infrastructure.

Furthermore, in addition to their efforts, Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX is working on improving Starlink’s satellite dish. A second-generation Starlink Dish was recently unveiled which is smaller and had lower production costs.

Installing Starlink dish

Some of the users who shared their observations on Twitter shared pictures of the Starlink satellite dish installed on Superchargers. It looks like SpaceX’s first-generation satellite dish was installed in the location. It was attached at the top of the pole. Below are some locations it was observed, in Lake City, Florida, and Lisbon. Another user shared one from New York.

While the above user didn’t seem to have tried the network. Another user shared an experience. Stated that the internet was available, but it was being provided as “Tesla Service”. It looks like this service is being tested with mobile service technicians. Because it was noted that Tesla Find US map didn’t show any nearby service centers, yet had Starlink dish attached to the service.

More details are yet to be known for Tesla users. Eventually, it is likely that the new square-shaped Starlink satellite dish would be installed. Practically, Tesla should have been working on the WiFi services long ago. But it is only when there are enough superchargers installed in prominent locations they seem to be working on the user experience. Additionally, the Ice-ing of electric vehicle charging seems to be increasing these days. If the WiFi will be provided for non-Tesla users too, it might be possible that the charging stalls be blocked more often.