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How to Back up Your Gmail – A step by step guide

Google’s email service

Gmail, the free email service from Google, has been a part of all our lives since its inception, in 2004. As of 2020, Gmail has reported that they have over 1.8 Billion users. That’s some tremendous growth!

Over the years, Gmail has upgraded its user interface and facilities. When it started, Gmail allowed just 1 GB of cloud storage (which was also a big deal back then. Comparatively, Microsoft’s Hotmail was giving just 2 MB in 2004.)  But today, Gmail provides 15 GB of cloud storage to a new user. No wonder why users love Gmail. It never stops improving!

Hence, we have established the importance and growth of Gmail. Around 70% of people use Gmail for professional reasons. Hence one can assume that their Gmail account contains crucial data. So how can one ensure a back-up or an offline local copy for this essential email service?

Let’s find out How you can create a back-up for your Gmail –

1. Download your Gmail files

a. Sign in with your Google account.

Gmail Login - Gmail Sign in - Help | Gmail sign, Gmail sign up, Gmail sign in login

b. After logging in, Go to the Google Takeout.

 If you’re unaware of what it is. Google Takeout is a platform that allows data retrieval. In simpler words, it lets the user import and export data from Google products. How? Well, it compiles all your existing data into one file so that you can download and save the data based on your convenience. 
c. You will see several Google products, and by default, all of them will be selected. Now what you need to do is, Deselect all. And then search for “Mail.” The products are listed based on their alphabetical orders. back up gmail
d. Once you have selected Mail, you can move ahead by clicking on “Next Step” which will be located below the screen.
e. The next step is to choose how you want to create your back up. This option will give you the choice of frequency, where you can select how often you want to create the back up. It will also give you the option to choose the file type and the space consumption. Select based on your requirement and click on “Create export”.
f. Once you click on “Create export”, you will be shown the export progress. Since most of our email accounts contain thousands of mails and attachments, so it takes a while for them to create the back-up. The time depends on the size of the file. Once Google Takeout has created the export successfully, you will receive the file in your Gmail. back up gmail
That’s how you can create the back up for you Gmail account. You can also use Google Takeout to back up other products like your Google Drive, Hangout and others in the similar manner.



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