Bakkt plans to allow users and partners to trade Ethereum

Bakkt plans to allow its users and partners to trade Ethereum. People will now be able to buy, sell and hold Ethereum coins on their platform really soon. It will also allow users to send and receive the coin directly to their friends and relatives. The platform also allows custody services to institutional investors and will do the same for Ethereum as well. As of now, Bitcoin is available on the platform, but as we all know, most large investors hold Bitcoin only.

Bakkt’s offering and plans to add Ethereum

Bakkt is not mainly a trading platform for crypto as they offer a variety of services. Users can take advantage of the monthly BTC futures contracts, crypto payments via Visa debit card and Bakkt card. The company was launched in 2018, is headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, and is also listed on Nasdaq with the ticker name BKKT.

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Their recent plan to add Ethereum to their platform was mainly because of the recent survey that they conducted. We all know that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular and largest coins in the market right now. And they are very popular too. By adding Ethereum to their platform, Bakkt will be offering one more option so that users can spend and buy digital assets from their platform.

The CEO of the platform also said, “At Bakkt, providing flexible opportunities for users to enjoy their digital assets is a top consideration, and adding Ethereum brings a popular and growing cryptocurrency to our roster.” It will also help them speed up growth as a lot of people are into Ethereum, and they will consider coming to the platform.

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