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The king of the visual display technology in the international market, BenQ announces that its large-format displays will now deliver video conferences from Zoom Video Communications in reference to their partnership for this project.

BenQ is a Taiwanese electronics’ company, well known for its digital lifestyle devices and its partnership with Zoom is a good move considering the growing business of the two companies.

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In these trying times of the Corona Virus pandemic, businesses majorly rely on technology for smooth and efficient business communications and Zoom has been one platform that delivers the solution to this problem.

The workplace today is changing and clients demand better communication to have that in-person level of confidence when signing a deal or discussing an agreement. Workplace productivity has become directly proportional to the business outcome. The better the workplace efficiency, the better the business outcome and vice versa.

Keeping this thought in mind, there is a need in the market and BenQ is delivering the solution by partnering with video communications platform, Zoom. BenQ commits to creating smart and interactive technology understanding the technical needs of the market, especially the business aspect of things in the current situation.

Managing Director of BenQ India, Rajeev Singh says that he is confident that people will rapidly adapt to this new technology and the scenario of corporate visual communication and video conferencing at an even smoother and efficient rate, referring to their partnership with Zoom.

Corporate needs are changing and business is one thing that cannot run without collaboration. Collaborative technology has always been crucial to business and corporate demands for effective communication, best practices, trading ideas and information related to client follow-ups and business profits.


Integration of Zoom into large-format displays by BenQ is intended to bring back that seamless communication on the digital platform via services like video conferencing, remote screen sharing, content collaboration, whiteboard integration, whether in your personal home office set-up or large conference rooms.

credits: https://rb.gy/noqkhy

Head of Zoom Rooms, Jeff Smith said that this partnership with BenQ, a technology leader will help them achieve their company’s aim to deliver high-quality communications to the world in a visual format. Their partnership is aimed to support SMEs and large businesses to overcome today’s challenge of effective business communication.

Small and Medium businesses, service providers and large business, everyone can rely on BenQ large-format displays with integrated Zoom Rooms for efficient video conferencing communication. Service providers can recommend these displays will full assurance of communication, quality and compatibility.



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