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Kids Apparel Brand Hopscotch raises $25 million

Kids Apparel Brand Hopscotch is a Mumbai based startup that supplies kid clothing for up to 10 years. Recently, they have raised a funding of $25 million from EE Captial and RPG ventures. Other notable investors that participated in the round were Wei Yan, co-founder of diapers.com, Lionrock Capital, IIFL seed ventures fund, and Atul Nishar, founder of Aptech.

About the Brand Hopscotch

The Kids Apparel Brand Hopscotch sells clothing for kids under the age of 10 and food products from 3rd party brands acting as a middle ground. At present, the company’s founder said that their average basked seize at Rs 1500, and they are also making profits.

Kids Apparel Brand Hopscotch

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The company stresses the fact that the average amount that parents spend on their children is increasing. And they are relying on the fact this will also improve their sales.

The company is working on a flash sale model. They bring new products that can be bought within 96 hours from their online store. Hopscotch is trying to focus on bringing products that parents will appreciate and will fulfill their needs. Presently they have over 400 international products in their store.


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With many other companies in the same department, the company will face serious competition. Some of the notary competitors are firstcry and BabyOye. Both of the companies have raises good funding in 2020 and before. They also provide products as good as Hopscotch, if not better. It will be interesting to see how these companies perform in the Indian Market.

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