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Best CS:GO Gloves for Karambit | Fade

The knife is an essential part of your “loadout” as a Navy Seal, Polish GROM, French GIGN, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. 

We will not go into detail about these knives and instead focus on the Karambit knife, its skin Karambit | Fade, and the gloves that go with it. You can find many knives in our collection, below is a list:

  • Bowie;
  • Bayonet;
  • Shadow Daggers;
  • Falchion;
  • Nomad;
  • Butterfly;
  • Gut;
  • Flip;
  • Karambit;
  • Talon;
  • Stiletto;
  • Navaja;
  • Huntsman;
  • Ursus;
  • Paracord;
  • Survival.

Now, let’s zoom in on the Karambit knife a little. Since the dawn of time, people have used the farming sickle for harvesting crops or grass cutting. It’s an easy-to-use and easy-to-carry hand tool. Later it was used for battle or self-defense as other expensive fighting weaponry was not available for the poor farmland folk. Every day this tool was carried with ease walking distances to the farm fields. Later, it was made smaller to easily be hidden on the person. The curved blade represents the claw of a tiger and slices through flesh with ease. The Karambit | Fade skin is the best on the market for this knife and has a few options in both Factory New and used, including a StatTrak option, with Factory New being the most expensive — approximately $2,188.


The Karambit is good-looking and well-equipped for self-defense.

Gloves are used for extra protection, swinging that knife around without cutting yourself is practice with perfection. Ask any guru on the subject.

Four Best-Suited Gloves 

Let’s take a look at the four most appropriate glove models for this skin.

Vice (Sport Glove)

Vice (Sport Glove)

With this perfect blend of magenta, sapphire, and black on the dorsal side of the hand and the mostly black palmar side, the open hand can’t be seen in the movement that is required with a knife.

Cobalt Skulls (Hand Wraps)

Cobalt Skulls (Hand Wraps)

These wraps are well known to protect fighters’ wrists, tendons, and hand muscles from injury. The skulls are just a bonus and look good with the Karambit.

Imperial Plaid (Driver Gloves)

Imperial Plaid (Driver Gloves)

The gloves stand out well and look great when swinging your knife around in anger and defense. These are driving gloves, which means you have the best possible grip on that maneuverable Karambit.

Polygon (Moto Gloves)

Polygon (Moto Gloves)

Blue and black combine to represent physical injury. These gloves provide exceptional grip with the leather interior: a must when using a Karambit.

Tactical gloves are mainly designed and used to provide hand protection to a variety of conditions and grip when sliding down ropes or handling weaponry. Add the exceptional Karambit to protect you and have yourself a winner. The combination of the two makes for an aggressive, well-gripped hand weapon and a master in the art can do some serious damage to his opponent. The Karambit and the gloves cannot exist without each other. To look good brings joy and confidence for oneself, and fear to the enemy.



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