Want To Be Successful In Business ? These Are The Books That Will Guide You !

The dreams of becoming successful are in everyone’s  mind. And what better way to learn about being successful than from some of the most successful people that ever lived. In this article, Techstory bring you a list of some of the most inspiring books written by successful people. Enjoy reading . Stay inspired !

Jack: Straight from the gut. By Jack Welch and John Bryne.


This book is the biography of the retired CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, written by John Bryne, with inputs from Jack himself. The book takes us into the journey of young Jack, from a middle class family and how he gradually rode to dominate the corporate world. It is an inspiring book for all those who dream to leave a mark in the big, bad corporate world.

Steve Jobs. By Walter Isaacson.

This book is entirely based on over forty interviews with Steve Jobs and about a hundred interviews with family members, friends, coworkers, competitors. Walter Isaacson has very painstakingly brought for us the story of a college dropout, whose passion for perfection made him a king player in the industries of personal computers, animated movies, music, mobile phones, tablets and digital publishing. He is a role model for new age businessmen with a vision.

Losing my Virginity. By Richard Branson.


Losing my virginity: How I survived, had fun, and made a fortune doing business my way, is an autobiography by the founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson. He tells us glorious stories of his past adventures, recounts his troubles while starting his own business group and how he managed to gain success by just one mantra “Oh screw it! Let’s do it!” This book is considered as one of the best business guide for entrepreneurs. The Virgin Group is spread from the airline business, to cola and mobile phones.

By Invitation Only. By Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson.


This book is written by the proud owners of Gilt.com, Alexis Maybank and Alexendra Wilkis Wilson. The book is all about how a group of girls had the idea of brining retail sales online and how it was a major breakthrough in the world of shopping. They tell the world their story of how they built Gilt with just a simple idea and now Gilt is worth $1 billion. It’s an inspiring tale for all women entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Idea Man. By Paul Allen.


Idea Man: A Memoir by the co-founder of Microsoft had stayed in the best selling chart for a long time. It is a story about how two friends, Paul Allen and Bill Gates, since their teenage days worked on professional programming jobs and believed they could come up with a programming quote which engineers at that time considered impossible.  That was back in the early 1970s, and now, Microsoft is now the largest Multinational technological company.  Their story of starting that company and becoming two of the richest men on earth, is unbelievable and extremely inspiring.

The Story of Amazon.com. By Sara Gilbert.


Amazon.com, the largest internet based retailer in the world, was just a idea tossed around in a garage with Jeff Bezos and few other employers. Sara Gilbert amazingly explains the building of Amazon and how it’s initial success was amazing. The book also describes how large companies of today operate and is inspiring for young entrepreneurs.

Start something that matters. By Blake Mycoskie.


It is the story of the man who came up with the idea of TOMS shoes (http://www.toms.com/), which donates the exact number of shoes to underprivileged children as it sells in Argentina.  Blake Mycoskie, a philantrophist, an entrepreneur and an author, came up with this amazing idea while travelling to Argentina. The book inspires you to start something which works for the greater good.

Shark Tales. By Barbara Corcoran with Bruce Littlefield.


The story of young Barbara Corcoran is somewhat relatable and awfully inspiring. She quit from twenty two jobs, borrowed 1000 dollars from her boyfriend, started a tiny real estate company and gradually built it into a 6 billion dollar business.  In this book, she provided real tips on how to build a successful business and delivers no-nonsense wisdom with ultimate gusto. It is a must read for all young entrepreneurs.

The Martha Rules. By Martha Stewart.


In this book, Martha Stewart, one of world’s greatest entrepreneurs, owner of a billion dollar business- Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, shares her knowledge. She gives out the ten Martha rules for a successful start up and business. The book is all about finding your passion and building it into a business.

Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American dream. By Steven Watts.


Who would have thought that someone from the sex and sensuality business could have such an impact on the world of leadership and entrepreneurship. Hugh Hefner, the famous playboy, started his own adult magazine company “Playboy” and now is worth over forty three million dollars. As a youth, Hefner had the vision of overturning the norms of American culture, and became somewhat successful in his quest. His life story is both interesting, and exciting.


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