BEV rental company observes lesser issues with its Tesla fleet

BEV rental company, Miete Deinen Tesla expanded its operations by including more Tesla cars in its fleet. It is a Germany Electric vehicle rental company, which observed that the ownership experience is better in Tesla vehicles. Which improves the quality of their services, thus increasing preferences for customers.

EV Rental Company Dropping All EVs Aside From Tesla's Vehicles
Image credits- InsideEVs

Initially, the company decided to include various electric vehicle options for its customers. However, it turned out that many EVs in the market have issues with the software or the charging infrastructure. These cars include Porsche Taycan 4S, Kona, Enaq, and Ioniq. They announce this after 2.5 years of experience with various EVs. Additionally, the company notes that it is very sad to let go of these many models. Added that even cars from Hyundai and Volkswagen showed certain issues. Comparatively, their business is not as good as it is with any model other than Tesla cars.

Miete Deinen Tesla explained some of the issues they faced with many EVs. Being an entity that used EVs in real-life situations, some of these findings are interesting. First, the company says that the issues were related to charging, repairs and software. Like, for the Volkswagen ID series, the feature of the air software update is not yet available. For which, owners have to visit stores, making is time-consuming. To use many models like Kona, enough charging stations must be located everywhere. For Tesla, the charging stations are reasonably available as per the vehicle’s available range.

Problems identified

Despite all the trouble, the rental company insists on continuing its support for other EVs. They will be featuring other electric vehicle models regularly on their YouTube channel. However, for its business, the company will be focusing on Tesla models for now. It is nothing new, Tesla vehicles have been best selling in many locations, including the world’s best selling cars list. Till a tough competition comes up, it might be better to opt for Teslas.

Evidently, the importance of ownership experience is bought out. Many times Tesla was criticized for its minimalistic designs. By reducing the investment in design, the vehicle is more about user experience, which matters the most. Tesla has been making affordable EVs for years, and it was not an easy path in the early days to decide and focus on user experience. Despite having areas in need of improvement, the company continues to stay at the top. Especially considering that their cars are always improved in terms of technology. The over-air updates are available for Tesla cars, making it convenient for users.