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Bike Rental Startup Tilt Raises $125,000

Bike Rental Startup Tilt Raises $125,000


Bike-sharing startup Tilt, which focuses on mobility within campuses and has big partners like Tata motors , TCS, Mahindra etc. The funding was raised from Y combinator for the construction of corporate manufacturing plants and residential townships. Founded by Deepak V S, Sudhir Metaliya, Daksh Shah, and Rachit Parikh in 2018 while most of the Bike-share companies in India were solving mobility within cities Tilt is focused on solving mobility within campuses.

Tata Motors became Tilt’s successful partner after the company ran an early pilot at one of Tata’s campus. Tata realised that the bike sharing startup was something they could do to increase their mobility within their manufacturing plants. since then Tata motors along with its sister company TCS became a paying customer for Tilt. The startup says they have software and hardware have been designed for the base to address the issues found in mobility within the campus.

Consumers who want to use Tilt’s services can simply download their app through play store or app store , sign up, and find the nearest bike station within their campus and take their ride, all of this happens within minutes. Tilt says that its hardware used for docking in its facilities is completely built by its in-house team and is currently pending patent.

The startup currently operated on fee based monitisation model in which you have to pay a fee on the duration of your ride. However in some campuses, they subsidise a part of their fess for the residents and employees.

The founder says that today they more contracts than they can fulfill and most of their demand coming from Tier II and III cities. Scaling their manufacturing and operations to meet this level of demand is going to be ther biggest short-term challenge. The company’s long term goal is to grow Tilt as a pioneer in campus mobility.

Tilt claims that within the past year and half its founding team has visited numerous campuses across India to find unique challenges regarding mobility that they can encounter.

About Y Combinator

Launched in 2005, this American startup has been used to launch more than 2000 companies biggest one’s including Twitch,Dropbox,Reddit,Coinbase,Stripe,Airbnb and many more. As of January 2021 the combine valuation of top YC companies is over $300 Billion.

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