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Bill Gates Takes The Side Of FBI In FBI Vs Apple Issue


23 February, 2016, USA: The much heated issue of FBI over iPhone access gets more fuel added to the fire, as Bill Gates takes the side of FBI. Gates during his conversation with Financial Express revealed, “They are not asking for some general thing.”  However, the major tech companies such as Facebook, Box, Twitter, Google etc. took the side of Apple but Gates has a different opinion.  FBI Director James Comey has also insisted that this case is very narrow and that the bureau doesn’t want to break anyone’s encryption.

Earlier, Apple was given an order by the magistrate in California to coordinate with FBI on a particular case. However, the FBI wanted Apple to assist them in hacking an iphone used by the suspect called ‘Sayed Farook’ who has been charged for a massacre of killing 14 people. Apple on the other hand said, that they have provided the FBI with all the data they have in their possession but investigators want more.

Gates commented further, “That rules were necessary as to when information could be accessed. I hope that we have that debates so that the safeguards are built.”

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