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Billionaire John Paulson remarks that bitcoin will become worthless

It seems that Cryptocursse has been considered a safe mode since Bitcoin arrived for the first time in the intestine of anonymous engineering computer equipment in 2009.  While some of the critics came from the general public, which May not has a clear understanding of which they work in cryptophytes or why they value, some very close financial minds have also questioned the growing prominence of crypto. One such critic is billionaire investor John Paulson, who in recent comments has called digital currencies a bubble that “will become worthless.” 


 The volatility seen in the crypto markets over the past few days – bitcoin fell 17% at one point on Tuesday, the same day El Salvador started accepting it as a legal tender – does not provide provided many defences against criticism from Paulson. 

  Let’s see what his dealings with crypto are and whether you should top up or buy a rebate.

Paulson reasons for the cryptocurrency price drop

Paulson has experience in exposing at least one notable financial scam. As a co-founder of The Carlyle Group, he is one of the hedge fund heavyweights who saw corruption at the heart of the subprime mortgage industry and subsequently rocked the US real estate market. 

 And he also seems to be sceptical of crypto. 

  “I would not advise anyone to invest in crypto,” Paulson said during an appearance on Bloomberg Wealth with David Rubenstein Bloomberg TV. 

   “I would describe them as a limited supply of nothing. So in case, there is more demand than limited supply, the price will increase. But when demand goes down, prices go down. There is no intrinsic value in any cryptocurrency except that there is a limited amount. 

    It’s also worth considering the value an asset can actually have if its price can fluctuate wildly from minute to minute, as Bitcoin did on Tuesday. According to a CoinMarketCap analysis, the entire crypto market lost around $300 billion between Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon. 

     This kind of volatility is reminiscent of the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s and the real estate crash that Paulson has made since. Both are the result of empty assets attracting billions of ignorant coins. Paulson went on to say that cryptocurrencies could end up being worthless. 

   “Once excellence fades or cash runs out, it drops to zero. I am not advising anyone to invest in crypto, ”he said.

The other side of Bitcoin 

The values of Bitcoin fell on Tuesday, at least one investor purchased in the dive: the country of El Salvador. 

 Bitcoin Dive Tuesday arrived at a strange moment for the country of Central America, because I was just doing your plan to accept Cryptocurse as legal competition. Despite the tumult, El Salvador bought another 150 Bitcoin, while the prices diminished on Tuesday morning. 

  The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, see clearly more value at Bitcoin than Paulson. But your decision of a decision to buy a volatile asset, because your broken value is as risky as the investor receives. Bukele tweeted that he bought his 150 new rooms at 11:15 Tuesday. (Twitter poles are automatically stamped using the local time so that CST 11:15 CST or 1:15 is.) Assuming it took them in one or two hours of Tweet, El Salvador Probably got its 150 coins of $ 51,000 per room. 

   The problem is that Bitcoin has eaten after buying. At 4:15 pm Tuesday, I sold $ 46,927. It fell a few more than $ 44,000 from Thursday morning before you rise to more than $ 46,500 at 4:00 afternoon. 

This is the capture to buy diving.  You never know if it’s really a dip – or a hollow, or a married brunette trench of hell – until enough time goes for the retrospective to be cut off. 




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