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Biotech startup Biomoneta secured undisclosed round

Biomoneta, a Bangalore based biotech startup, has now secured an undisclosed round of funding from Beyond Next Ventures along with ArthaVida Ventures, angel investor, and IVF Specialist.

The company ZeBox technology helps to create germs-free zones. It can be deployed in clinics, hospitals, homes, and offices to potentially arrest the spread of multiple infections, protecting patients, community, and the healthcare workers.

According to Dr Malpani, “Hospital-acquired infections result in millions of unnecessary deaths, and Biomoneta has created an innovative solution to tackle a problem that endangers the lives of vulnerable patients all over the world.”

Dr Taslimarif Saiyed, CEO of CCAMP, said, “C-CAMP is delighted to make our first CBIH funding in Biomoneta, a phenomenal startup developing technology to reduce microbial load and infections. We look forward to continuing our support to Biomoneta for further scale-up and deployment.”



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