Bitcoin will bottom out at $40k says Mike Novogratz

After the price of Bitcoin made an all-time high at $69k, it has seen a huge dip. While the last time we saw a 56% correction, this time around, it has been much less at 41% till now. And we can hope that the price of Bitcoin will bottom out at $40k, says Mike Novogratz. This is because there is huge institutional demand from investors. Additionally, the charts also suggest that $40k is a huge support for BTC.

Mike Novogratz on Bitcoin’s price

Mike is the CEO of Galaxy Digital, and as an entrepreneur, he knows many others in the industry. Well, his take on the bottoming out of Bitcoin’s price is due to the fact that he knows companies that are figuring out the process to add BTC to their holdings. And according to him, these companies will find the $40k level a great entry point. Mike also talked about the falling crypto prices that have happened recently. He said that last year was fantastic for cryptocurrencies, and it is unlikely something just goes continuously up, and this is the pullback in that sense.

Bitcoin will bottom out at $40k says Mike Novogratz
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Mike also thinks that there is going to be huge volatility in Bitcoin in the upcoming weeks, and we are going to see some huge support between $38k and $42k. Even they have entered the market at this level which seems to back up what he is trying to imply. In simple terms, this correction could treat $40k, the same way as the last corrected treated $30k.

Crypto is not in danger

We all know that crypto is volatile, and this brings huge price fluctuations. But other than that, if you look at the market, things look a lot better than at the start of 2021 or even before. We are seeing increased adoption from banks and institutions. At the same time, the market is slowly becoming more mature. There is also a lot of technological advancement going on in this space which also shows that cryptocurrencies have both demand and a bright future.

What are your thoughts as Mike says that Bitcoin will bottom out at $40k? And do you think $40k is the new $30k this correction? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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