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Blockchain company HIVE approved for NASDAQ listing

While crypto gets more popular, it has now even entered the stock market indirectly. Almost every day, we hear about different blockchain or crypto-related companies go public. And now the company, HIVE blockchain technologies from CANADA has been approved for NASDAQ listing. Anyone who is not into the crypto market but buys shares of HIVE will indirectly bet on crypto and blockchain. Very soon, we might also see a Bitcoin ETF approved by the SEC.

About the company HIVE

HIVE has already been public since 2017 in the TSX venture exchange. The focus on crypto mining using green energy and ESG strategy. They have a data center in Sweden, Canada, and Iceland where they produce cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. Another great thing about them is that they, too, continue to HODL their coins and do not sell their mined amount. Consumption of energy is one of the most important factors of cryptocurrencies, especially for Bitcoin. And this is why HIVE’s focus on the use of green energy makes it really special.

The company was traded quite a lot in 2020. And their listing on the NASDAQ exchange means that the volumes are just going to increase from here on. At present, the shares of the company are down 44% from the ATH at 3.05 CAD, just like crypto markets.

The future of Blockchain technologies

When you talk about crypto and blockchain together, it is easy to misunderstand the difference between both. While crypto is a big deal, it is just a small part of the blockchain. In order words, one can say that crypto and blockchain are like Gmail and the internet (Credit: James Jani) So, if you think that crypto will fail and won’t even exist in 10 years from now, that doesn’t mean the end for blockchain. It has so many applications that the tech can thrive independently.

Let’s take a look at Ethereum that has the ability to produce DeFi apps. You can build smart contracts, NFTs, DeFi exchanges, and so much around blockchain tech. It is basically the path to decentralization and sure does have a bright future. So, from now on, when you hear crypto and blockchain, think of them in a Venn diagram where crypto is just a small circle inside the blockchain.

What are your thoughts on Blockchain company HIVE getting listed on NASDAQ? And will you be interested in trading its shares? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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