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Steve Hanke warns collapse of economy after BTC adoption

Steve Hanke, a renowned economist, warns El Salvador about economic collapse. He mentions if they adopt bitcoin as their primary payment method, it will be a bad decision. Also, Hanke is a professor at Johns Hopkins University, teaching Applied Economics. Additionally, he has been criticizing the cryptocurrency as a legal tender for El Salvador.

Who is Steve Hanke?

Hanke is one of the most influential people in the world, according to World Magazine, 1998. And he takes the economy of countries very seriously.  With his student, Kurt Schuler, Hanke came up with a currency board package. And his proposal works in different countries. So, the countries are Argentina, Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Bosnia, Indonesia, Montenegro, Ecuador, Yugoslavia, Herzegovina, and a few more.

Wondering how a currency board works?

The management who looks over exchange rates and money supply reports to the monetary authority. And after that, the same authority decides on the valuation of a particular country’s currency. The currency board also earns interest from foreign reserves.

Hanke and his theories on cryptocurrencies

After coming up with nations suffering from hyperinflation, Hanke proposes that the countries either adopt USD or make their own currency board. And, according to his findings, he says currency boards deliver lower inflation rates, lower debt levels, and many more advantages. Moreover, these results are better than gross domestic product and other policies by the central bank. So Steve means that it’s better to rely on a currency board than the central bank.

Economist Steve Hanke Warns Salvadoran Bitcoin Adoption Could ‘Completely Collapse the Economy’

Image source: coinnounce

The above discussion about the currency board was 3 years back, and now his main concern is about Bitcoin. Hanke worries that the widespread of adopting bitcoin can affect the economy adversely. So he tweets that bitcoin lovers think that it is all good and don’t understand its flaws. He then mentions that cryptocurrencies could be the future of finance, but that doesn’t mean only Bitcoin.

After Hanke comes up with his own article, he mentions that bitcoin has a fundamental value of zero. The economist stands completely against El Salvador’s plans on bitcoin. Hanke once again says how a simple cryptocurrency can damage the economy entirely. So, he also mentions that China or Russia could easily use El Salvador to cash out, and they can easily remove USD.

Bitcoin is legal tender in El Salvador. What does it mean for the broader crypto market? Some bulls think 'it could be huge' - MarketWatch

Image source: MarketWatch

Hanke portrays his further concerns like the country El Salvador doesn’t even have their domestic currency. And no one is going to pay for their taxi ride with bitcoin. Would you? Moreover, only 30% of people in El Salvador have bank accounts. Some took it as serious concerns, and some bashed him on Twitter by saying bitcoin doesn’t have any restrictions and will save weak economic countries.

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