How BookServicing Is Planning To Make A Dent In The Automobile Industry With No Good Review Sites !


BookServicing is a platform to help customers find the trustworthy car service centers, which provide quality service and higher customer satisfaction.

The automobile after sales industry is very irrational. There are range of solutions available from road side mechanic/ garage to well established workshops. Naturally the range of service quality also varies to a large extent. With over 2 million cars getting added to Indian roads every year, there is always a look out for better workshops  for car maintenance.

The general customer behavior is to find out service centers through search engine, and check their review before availing the service. The positive review appears to be sponsored and the negative ones to be rivals work. Less than 20% seems to be genuine. There is hardly any option to associate the authenticity to these reviews. There was a need or rather a lack of platform where a customer can find authentic reviews.

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This led to months of brainstorming, for crafting out a robust and scalable model that created BookServicing, where the authenticity of the reviews which helps in improving the quality of service delivered in the ecosystem is ensured.

Entrepreneurship teaches you to play multiple roles together.

Abhishek Rai who is a software professional having a decade of experience in creating software solution for technology giants like Motorola, Arris and Google. Abhishek has also worked for Nortel and Texas Instruments, and touched the lives of millions through his work on network and communication devices. he started BookServicing from October, 2015 with the support of his wife Priya Rai who is presently managing the back-end operations and marketing. Started off with a team size of 2, we currently have 10 enthusiast working with us.

Never lose track of the motive of starting the solution, because that is your USP, and have patience to deal with uncertainty.

Customer can choose the service centers based on the quality of service they have delivered in past and the ongoing offers for their customers. Helping customer make an informed decision. From Booking, to tracking progress, till online bill payment, all under one platform. They are not just a booking tool or a lead generator, they keep their involvement throughout the process, so that customer can count on them when needed. Here’s a look at what they can do.

  • Using BookServicing, customers can book an appointment for his car servicing in less than a minute. The team gets the vehicle photographed before start of service and upload it to their system, which customer can refer. This brings in trust for their platform. Customer can track the progress and is well informed about the advisor who is attending his car. On completion of service, customer can view the invoice online and make payment. BookServicing also brings up exclusive packages and discounts for its customers at service centers.
  • On BookServicing, they have created a tight review system, where in the customers could provide feedback on service completion, only against the service they have availed and not otherwise. BookServicing has a strict policy of NO FAKE REVIEW, and NO SPONSORED REVIEW. So there are no option for walk-in/guest reviews.
  • They also have a strict policy for service center listing, They list only those service centers who have infrastructure and trained staff to work on modern-age cars and are committed in improving the customers experience.

Commitment and Patience is the key, never be impulsive in decision making.

Like most entrepreneurs, they faced their share of challenges as well, in terms of talent hunt, infrastructure, company compliances. The biggest challenge that they faced was to make a dent in the ecosystem and infuse their solution. Most entrepreneurs face this issue, but BookServicing is trying to create a change in the ecosystem. Most of the service centers were reluctant in the beginning to give up the traditional way of doing service. Some were hesitant for reviews, but after answering all of the FAQ and numerous follow-ups later, it is the confidence they had in their solution that had  helped them win the trust of their service providers.

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Presently they have over  50+ service centers in Delhi NCR which are working with them in enhancing customer experience in accessing after sales service. They have catered their services to over 1000 customers and are looking for funding with plans to expand their reach to 5 more cities by the end of this year.We charge a nominal amount for our services to the service centers, for providing them our services.