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Boost your business and personal life with music

Have you ever paid attention to the music played in a store or a restaurant? It may seem like a trivial matter, some background noise to fill a quiet space, but it’s far from that. Music played at an establishment is an important part of its concept, and it’s chosen based on carefully conducted research of studies looking into the correlation between music, emotion and behavior.

Naturally everyone has their personal preference when it comes to music. Still scientists have noticed general patterns in human reaction linked to certain genres or song types. For example, fast food restaurants play high tempo, upbeat music to give the impression of haste and happiness, keeping the customer flow rapid and content. Apart from business, these findings can also be applied to your personal life.

Image Credits: Pixabay

Working and studying

In case you prefer listening to music while working or studying, choosing the right music is highly important to ensure concentration. The lyrics should not draw your attention away from the task at hand and the beat shouldn’t bring your mood down. For instance, you might have sad or uncomfortable associations to songs from your past, and the emotions can easily be triggered when listening to them.

There are no direct answers to what kind of music is the best for working or studying, but there are indicators to which direction you should go. Instrumental music takes care of the problem with lyrics, as do lyrics in a language other than the one you are trying to digest information in. Some people also find nature sounds calming and good for focus.

Gym and jogging

On top of being good for your health, exercise makes you feel good. Finding motivation to workout might still take extra effort for some people, and music is often used to push one to begin, pull through and finish a routine. Music can give you a boost as well as distract you from pain and discomfort during a workout, helping you reach the right mindset and confidence.

Unlike while studying, familiar lyrics and music that triggers emotions can be the right choice for a workout. When focusing too much on the exercise itself and the time or distance you have left until the end, you can feel tempted to quit early. Distracting your mind with music that makes you feel good, comfortable and confident can mean longer workout time, more effort and better results.

Free time and playing online

Music is good company in your free time as well. It can help you take your mind off your responsibilities, consequently helping you relax. Among different leisure activities, playing games online has increased in recent years. Most games have their own soundtracks played in the background, but you can also create your own playlist to go with it.

To keep your daily routines balanced, you should not spend too much time playing online, no matter if your choice is a virtual reality game or an online casino. You can easily help yourself keep on track of time with music by creating playlists that go on only the duration of time you have allocated to playing for example. You can also place certain songs that stand out from the rest as reminders to stay alert.

The options are endless, and all kinds of music is nowadays easy to obtain. By trying different combinations you are likely to find the perfect music for each occasion and observe how it affects both your business and personal life, assisting you with achieving the best results in both.