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Best mobile games for adults

Video games have notoriously had a bad reputation, especially among parents and adults in general since the first ones were published, so when mobile games evolved and started to resemble them, many had reservations about playing. Adults who have grown up playing video games have known their benefits for long, but others needed more convincing.

Over the years a number of studies have been conducted to clear out the negative associations with video games. Results have shown that the games don’t only help children and teenagers’ decision making skills, memory and motor coordination, but those of adults as well. And even if you are not into action games, there’s a variety of mobile games to choose from.

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Puzzle solving and learning games

Mobile learning apps were developed to give everyone with a smart phone and internet connection a chance to harness their learning potential. Brain teasers have long been a way for adults and the elderly to refresh their memory and activate different areas of the brain. Mobile games created based on them are targeted to adults and designed to be simple yet entertaining with topics varying from mathematics to linguistics and deduction.

There has also been an increase in language application registrations. Learning a language or brushing off knowledge gained in school is fun with a mobile app and creates less pressure than studying in a classroom. Using games as learning methods is not a new invention, but it has previously been offered mostly to children. In addition to languages, adults can learn almost anything with a mobile game from web development to art history.

Socializing and party games

Connecting with people beyond national borders has never been as easy as today. The internet expands worldwide, excluding only a few rural areas. Playing games online has brought together many people with similar interests, but very different backgrounds, and united families, friends and acquaintances not able to meet in person. Games designed as virtual worlds and meeting places for players have become exceedingly popular, and on a mobile device they are accessible from everywhere.

Mobile games are also used in other social settings, for example when having a party. Many games previously known as a board or a card game can now be downloaded on mobile, expanding the access to them drastically. There are both family games as well as drinking games available, and all you need is one or more mobile phones connected to the internet.

Mobile games for sports and gambling

As video games have moved to portable mobile devices, their usage has started to serve the body on top of the mind. Easy-to-use fitness apps help some with physical training at home and games like Pokémon GO take you to explore outdoors and exercise almost accidentally. Many of these games have social aspects too, and you can use them together with other people, making them all the more beneficial to your overall health.

Many adults try to maintain their work-life balance with hobbies. Whether it is sports, stock exchange or gambling, there is a mobile app for it. Online casino is a place for many to unwind and most casino games are fitted for mobile devices as well. The difference between a computer and a smart phone gets smaller and smaller, and all services available online are soon as easy to use on a mobile as on a PC.

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Mobile games come with a myriad of themes and purposes, so finding a mobile game based on your interests should be easy. There is also no reason not to play mobile games, as long as you do it as everything is recommended to be done – in moderation. The best mobile games keep you entertained for a long time and can even affect your health in a positive way, no matter what your age is.




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