Bootstrap Like A Boss: How To Bootstrap Your Startup To Success?


As promised, we are back in Chennai with our next event!

Entrepreneurs with great ideas are getting influenced by funding news that they keep getting bombarded with and start losing their focus. Because, bootstrapping your startup is one of the most misunderstood and underestimated phase of an entrepreneur’s journey.

Not many successful companies today are funded right at their idea stage. Industry giants like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP among many others bootstrapped the early days of their startup. Forget the West, even Chennai is home to one of the epitomes of bootstrapping success stories. Zoho is still one of the largest companies in the world who have run successfully bootstrapped for around 2 decades and had the courage to say ‘No’ to so many venture investments.

What did these entrepreneurs do differently that their startups had scaled to this massive feat that many others are still dreaming to achieve?  How did they attract venture investments towards them rather than spending on raising capital? Did they focus on the tech or team or finance management?

Still guessing and not sure of how to bootstrap your startup to success? It is time to solve that problem now (or wait until 25th March).

Bootstrap Like A Boss! 

Yes, that’s the name of our next event.  We’re inviting entrepreneurs, experts, investors and wantrapreneurs to come together to address the common misconceptions around bootstrapping and how startups can have better finance management to become a profitable organization even before attracting venture investments.

We have a fantastic set of speakers and panelists all lined up for you! You can check out our awesome list of panelists here!

Hurry up and Grab your tickets soon to bootstrap your startup to success!