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Bumble employees will enjoy a one-week vacation to De-Stress, says reports


Source: LetMeMotivate.com

Bumble Inc., the online dating and relationship application, popularly known as the app where women make the first move has recently announced to have closed its offices for one week, reportedly to give a breather to its 700 plus employees who, the company says, deserve a much-needed break to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic burnout.

It is unfortunate how the pandemic has affected individual lives and businesses all over the world but now, things have started to go back to normal with necessary precautions and due diligence, markets have begun to open up and businesses have started to flourish back again. In the United States, the ongoing vaccination drive started a few months ago and now the COVID-induced restrictions have largely lifted across the country.

Imagine a balloon filled with air and as soon as you release the nozzle the air blows out, this is a hypothetical representation of what the coronavirus has done to people around the world. Everyone was taking precautions and staying inside their houses and as soon as things started to go back to normal, businesses are booming, markets are flooding and the hospitality & tourism industry is edging with tourists.

Having said all that, for several businesses, the pandemic was not a holiday it was an opportunity to grow and excel, many did, and most even became a unicorn. As COVID restrictions are easing, employers are wanting their employees back by this fall while some of them are adjusting to the work-from-home dynamic.

As mentioned in a report by Bloomberg, Apple Inc. is looking forward to a hybrid work-from-home strategy, Goldman Sachs Group and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are requiring all employees to get vaccinated and be back to their respective offices by September. Twitter, on the other hand, says that its employees can work from home permanently.

Bumble, being a dating app should not have done much during the lockdowns but it did. Virtual dating started as a concept where people would video chat for hours getting to know their dates, meet new people, and make new friends.

Amidst all of this, employers are stressed to lose their employees as more and more people are worried about their health and their family’s health. Employees prefer to save themselves and their families from the threat of COVID-19, not caring about jobs. This is one reason why employers are employing strategies to retain their workers.

Bumble may be on similar tracks and thus, it has announced to close all its offices for one week to relieve its employees from the pandemic burn-out.




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