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A fun Burning Man 2018 hyperlapse with bunches of beautiful robots

It Happened on Monday

8th September, 2018

On Monday, the Burning Man Webcast group shot some stunning high-res film of the current year’s Burning Man utilizing an automaton.

It begins confronting the Man itself and after that flies over and around it. At that point it flies over to the Temple, which is still in development, and after that it turns around so we can see the city itself. The recording is extremely very dazzling!

Long-term Burning Man devotee and video creator Mark Day shares “A fast in and out iPhone hyperlapse of some Burning Man 2018, including some exquisite robots, as befits the “iRobot” subject.”

Regardless of whether you’re not into going out there yourself, you gotta welcome all the innovativeness and excitement that goes into influencing the Black Rock City to space what it so quickly moves toward becoming.




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