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Byju’s to Go Offline with Tuition Centres
The company will invest $200 million over the next 12-18 months to set up the tuition centres.

Indian based education technology start-up, Byjus has announced that the company have decided to expand into the offline, real world by setting up tuition centres all around India. The company will initially be offering coaching in math and all the science-based subjects like physics and chemistry for students from classes 4 all the way to the tenth grade.

The company has a strong culture in harnessing the power of the online world and the internet. Therefore, the company taking the decision to expand their operations into real one is a bit surprising to say the least. However, the start-up has come to say that the class structure will have a mix of both real classes and online ones bringing out the advantages of both methods of teaching and coming up with a synergized high level and effective teaching.

The fees will vary depending on the class, but it will cost around Rs. 4,500 per month which actually makes it cheaper than most local high quality tuition centres around the country.

BYJUS offline classes by Byjus

According to some top brass of the company, this new expansion could just be the key that gets Byjus into the unicorn status in the next two to three years. A unicorn describes any start-up that has successfully crossed the $1 billion USD valuation mark. A start-up that earns this status shows that the company is doing well and is in the right track to dominate their industry in the long term.

According to the top brass, the company plans to invest around $200 million USD over the span of a year to a year and a half to set up these offline classes. The company has no intention in expanding through franchise and plans to completely own every class they build. This will slow down the expansion process but will ensure equal quality among all their classes throughout the nation.

The company is confident that they can organize and carry out this entire process smoothy and timely as the company has already been running 95 centres since November end of 2021. They plan to quickly expand to 500 different centres in 200 cities by the end of the year.

The company plans to host 25 students in every batch with each offline centre having the resources to teach around two thousand to three thousand kids.

According to the teacher, offline classes are able to help teachers instil the knowledge into the students in a more effective way as well as keep the kids more disciplined and attentive.