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ByteDance Will Acquire Gaming Studio Moonton

ByteDance Will Acquire Gaming Studio Moonton


Image Credit @ Bytedance

Moonton was acquired by Bytedance Capital Partners, a private equity firm, for an estimated $4 billion.

The acquisition of a video games studio is part of Bytedance’s efforts to significantly interfere in the video games business, putting it in direct competition with China’s Tencent. ByteDance has acquired a large game studio called Moonton, which underscores its ambitions in video games and Pitts it against the Chinese – language – big tenant. The main gaming studio, Moonton, has been taken over by Bytedance, underlining its opposition to the Chinese language and taking on the Chinese giant Ten Center. To underscore its position as a leading gaming company in the world’s largest market, Byte Dance acquired the main headquarters of Moonton’s gaming studios in an effort to compete with the larger Chinese-language gaming companies.

The acquisition will give the company the resources to compete with Tencent’s recently released League of Legends and its other games. The acquisitions have given them the assets and forced them to compete for resources with the recently released League of Legends and its other game titles.


League of Legends, developed by Riot Video Games, one of the most popular and popular titles in the world of video games. It was developed in partnership with Tencent, the company behind the popular mobile games platform, as well as other games such as Dota 2, League of Legend, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

tencentImage credit @ tencent

The further acquisition of a similar studio will help ByteDance to improve its development opportunities in a short time, he added, but it is still looking for other studios. The M & A madness in the gambling sector continues and we believe this is only the beginning of the next phase of growth, “he told CNBC. He said he was still looking for another studio and was considering the possibility of further acquisitions of similar studios and the potential for further growth in his business. I see this as a very positive sign for the future of our business as we look at different studios, “he told CNBC, adding:” I continue to believe that the M & A madness in the gambling sectors continues and I see this as a positive signal for our future growth.

He said he saw the Moonton acquisition as an opportunity to hand over Southeast Asia to Tencent, which already dominates the eSports division in China. He said it was also an opportunity to “give back to Southeast Asia” as it already dominates space outside China, saying, “I think this is a great opportunity for us to give back to Southeast Asia as well, as it already dominates space from China in esports.

Niko Companions added: “Why have we signed an agreement to release a series of games that are largely based on – style IP, and to buy a company to improve leisure, as confirmed in the documents? Why do we buy sports growth companies that have certified documents to succeed? Niko Companion added: “Why have I signed a deal with Tencent, which offers to release a range of gaming games based mainly on, on, and in style IP, but has bought a growth company for sports, as confirmed in documents.

However, this is the first step towards building ByteDance’s video game division Nuversegame as a fully-fledged subsidiary of the company with its own development team and marketing.

The company wants to expand its games offering to become one of the largest online gaming companies in the world in terms of market share. This is in addition to ByteDance’s growing Nuverse game division, which is growing to around 2,000 employees and is seeking to push its games offerings further into the global gaming market. Chinese start-ups will use this momentum to move further and faster in the gaming sector, no doubt about that. Byte Dance appears to be taking over social media, hoping to compete against Chinese gambling giants such as Tencent.

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It remains to be seen whether these super-massive groups will continue to knock heads together, with TikTok still popular and ByteDance and Tencent continuing to acquire and invest in gaming studios and their own MOBA mobile titles, Riot Games, Tencent, and ByteDane. Byte Dance has already signaled its interest in entering gaming but now has to take a big step.

With Mobile Legends behind him, ByteDance has proven that it is serious about entering the video game industry. The company achieved this by arriving late, which means it has risen against Tencent, China’s largest video game company. We expect this latest acquisition to make it a very competitive player within the gaming industry, and it’s certainly not the only one.

One area it is focusing on is gaming, which has traditionally been a lucrative business in China’s internet economy and an important source of revenue for ByteDance.

The strategy allows its strategy gaming unit to generate revenue before it is a cash cow, but the quality of the games doesn’t come overnight. This allows Tencent to continue to play the game, raise money for businesses and continue to raise money for the company. It allows the strategy game unit to generate revenue before they become cash cows, allowing them to stay in business and have the power to replenish the corporate coffers and give Tencent the right to make money from it.



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