Can Solar Panels be Installed on Metal Roofs Safely and Effectively?

One of the most common questions that people interested in solar panel for homes have is whether the panels can be installed on a metal roof. Thankfully, the answer is a resounding yes. There are quite a few secure options for installing solar panels on corrugated metal roofs and standing seam metal roofs. 

Here, we explore how the mounting is done on both types of roofs and also look into some common questions regarding solar panel installations on metal roofs.  

  • Solar Panel Mounting on Standing Seam Metal Roof

The standing seam metal panels are highly popular because they are a cost-effective option that does not require any perforation or penetration in the roof. In this setup, u-clamps are attached to roof seams, and the solar panels and their racking systems are secured onto these clamps. Given that usually holes don’t have to be drilled for this setup, the roofs end up lasting a lot longer. 

  • Solar Panel Mounting on Ribbed/Corrugated Metal Roofs 

Ribbed or corrugated roofing is another popular type of metal roof. Even though the same material is used, the solar panels are installed a little differently here. In this setup, some penetration of the roof is needed, but the procedure doesn’t affect the roof’s integrity and weatherproofing ability negatively. 

Initially, a small foot is mounted in between or over the ribs of the roof, which lags into the roof’s truss. Next, at the bottom, a rubber bushing is placed for sealing the holes securely. The racking system and the solar panels are then attached to these brackets.

Will Metal Roofs be Able to Handle the Weight of Solar Panels? 

Usually, solar panels for home usage can be mounted without any issue on your metal roof. However, you need to inspect your roof with the help of a third-party structural engineer before the panel installation is done. Sometimes, the engineer may recommend additional support, but in most cases, there will be no need for any reinforcements to the roof and the structure. 

Advantages of Installing Solar Panels in Homes with Metal Roofing

Notably, installing solar panels for a PV system on your metal roof is a great way to reduce your electricity bills substantially, cut back on your carbon footprint, and save on taxes for both your home and office. These benefits are solely due to the unique advantages that metal roofs have when it comes to housing solar panels. 

A key benefit is that metal roof clamps can be used for fixing the solar panels without penetrating the roof, which is a major cause of leaks. Even if penetration is necessary, there are specialized brackets that prevent leaks in your roof. 

More importantly, given the sturdiness and long-lasting nature of metal roofs, you will not face the issue of having to replace the roof when the solar panels are still functional; the metal roofs will most likely outlive the solar panels. 

Will Solar Panels Cause Any Damage to Your Metal Roof? 

Solar panels can guarantee you free electricity for decades, but metal roofing, which is a big investment, can cost you a lot of extra money if there is damage from the solar panels. However, this needn’t be a major cause of concern, as solar panels installed in adherence to industry standards can end up safeguarding your metal roof while having no short or long-term negative impacts on it. 

One of the main ways a solar panel protects the metal roofing is that it keeps away the elements of nature to a large degree, preventing wear and tear of the roof. 

The Life Span of Solar Systems Installed on Metal Roofing

Usually, solar panels for homes have warranties exceeding 25 years. It can go up to 30 years if maintained properly, as they are durable. Normally, roofing does not last that long, so during the lifetime of your solar panels, the panels need to be removed and reinstalled while roof repairs or replacement is done. However, this is not an issue that occurs with metal roofing; they will easily last you for 40 to 70 years and can support the solar panels well past the warranty period. 


People looking to reduce their utility bills and their impact on the environment can benefit greatly from solar energy implementation, even if they have a metal roof. The installation can be a great asset for you whether you need it for a home or an office, given how solar panel costs have reduced significantly in recent years. 

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