The Hyderabad based start-up cancer clinics gets a funding of Rs. 10.8 crore. The pre series round was conducted to achieve the amount. The details are properly described in the article. Let’s dive into it.



Cancer clinics is a health care start-up which is a unit of CIPHER oncology. The launch was made in 2019 and was founded by Sonali Srungaram & Sasi Sunkara. There is a network of day care centres that is set up to achieve a clear cut vision of reducing cancer mortality in the country so that the individuals can take control of the health that is bestowed upon by the creator.

The services offered are in the areas of :

  • Medical Oncology
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Integrative Care
  • Screening

They have an approach to make sure that cancer never takes a front seat in your life. They have established a scientific approach that offers personalized care coupled with experience & care. The prominent focus areas are precision, empathy and excellence. The team also consists of doctors from reputed organizations like AIIMS Delhi, Adyar Cancer Institute Chennai, Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai and many more.


The continuous effort was in the area of digitizing the treatment cycle so that the minimization is quite frequent. A unique initiative has also been taken in the form of Digital Cancer Institute that will give every possible scope to set up protocols and make it easy to access care at ease.



The company received the amount of $ 1.5 million in the very early stage of funding. It was led by Axilor Ventures but there was an active participation of M-Venture Partners which is a Singapore based venture , Natco Pharma that turns out to be a leading pharma group from Hyderabad.

The funding is expected to close in the second half of the present year. It is a clear indication that a lot can be expected in the coming times.



India needs to think that cancer in itself is a major disease that has taken a leap of close to 48.7% in its occurrence within a span of last 20 years. India needs more strong infrastructure to fight back & save lives of people. The lack of proper resources have made it very difficult for people to set up a firm ecosystem. The facts that would clearly underline the present position are :

  • Cancer care centres are located in major cities especially metropolitan ones.
  • Very few districts have Radiation Therapy Machines
  • On every 1600 new patients; there exists a single oncologist


We have just witnessed the pandemic & are still dealing with it.

What we forgot is that similar number of people die every year in these serious diseases. The reason is only because we have not given ample amount of consideration to the fact that accessible ecosystem is required. Cancer is more dangerous than covid. But the efforts made in respect of cancer care establishments is not even 50% as compared to it.

This funding will definitely give a great opportunity to make sure that the vision of Cancer Care Clinics stands strong.