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Cardano tops the list of most developed projects again

Outlier Ventures conducted research on blockchain development patterns and discovered that Cardano tops as the most developed among 50 open-source methods. The report’s goal was to identify progression patterns over a two-year period, including growing devote levels and methods that indicate constant levels of core designers.

It brought out some interesting data, such as Avalanche seeing a near to 700 percent increase in monthly average dedicates (CPM). on the other hand, Cardano tops the list by a large margin when it came to the actual number of monthly devotees.

Cardano pulls away from the pack

A commit, also known as a revision, is an agreed-upon change to a blockchain’s source code by the community and developers. More features and enhancements can be expected as more developers work on commits and more commits are published. In theory, increased development effort increases the likelihood of a project’s success. As a result, examining commit metrics is one way to assess a blockchain project’s underlying strength.

Cardano tops in terms of average CPM, with a total of 702 CPM. When compared to the previous year, when its typical CPM was 566, this represents a 24 percent increase. Ethereum also saw a 10.5 percent increase in CPM year over year. However, in terms of numbers, it lags well behind Cardano, with 447 CPM this year. With a typical CPM of 405, this was also the case in the prior period.

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Outlier Ventures used a more macro time scale to examine dedicate trends, looking at typical dedicates by year (CPY) rather than by month. Avalanche was shown to be the source of the greatest increase in CPY in their studies.

The launch of the Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge (AEB) and Pangolin, the largest DEX on the protocol, may have boosted Avalanche’s activity, according to the venture firm.

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The analysis found that Ethereum is second to none in terms of monthly active developers, with an average of 168 each month over the last 12-month period. With an average of 165 active developers every month, Cardano was close behind.

Its CPY in 2019/2020 was 1,553, however, in 2020/2021, it was 12,575, representing a 710 percent increase. Ocean Protocol came in second place for the most substantial CPY pattern enhancement, with a 354 percent increase over the preceding time period.

What method did Outlier Ventures use?

Outlier Ventures looked at projects with the highest monthly average throughput of dedicates to compile the report. Then they looked at the top five projects that had an increasing trend in dedicates. Finally, they looked towards projects with lower dedicated levels. Thousands of repositories, millions of dedicates, and billions of lines of code were analyzed to create the data source.

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